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Health Workforce Questionnaire Library

UW Center for Health Workforce Studies/Rural Health Research Center investigators have compiled health workforce questionnaires from various sources to assist policymakers, educators and researchers as they gather workforce data from health professionals. The Questionnaire Library is available from the UW WWAMI Center for Health Workforce Studies website:

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Rural Health Textbooks

The four newest rural health books (Ricketts, 1999; Loue and Quill, 2001; Geyman et al., 2001, and Stamm, 2003) provide a broad view of current rural health. While there is some expected overlap between the books, they surprisingly fill different niches. Rural Health in the United States (Ricketts) focuses on federal programs, policy, and research findings on selected topics.The Handbook of Rural Health (Loue and Quill) provides overviews on rural public health, ethnic and equity issues, migrant, American Indian and Alaska Native, occupational health and safety, oral health, family violence, and several other topics issues. The Textbook of Rural Medicine(Greyman et al) is divided into four multi chapter parts: overview of rural health care, special clinical problems and approaches in rural health care, organization and management of rural health care, education for rural practice, and lessons from abroad. Rural Behavioral Health Care (Stam) concentrates on public policy and clinical trends regarding the provision of behavioral health care services delivered in rural areas. Taken together, these books provide a good foundation upon which to build an understanding of rural health care.

Rural Health TextbookAbout 20% of the U.S. population, over 50 million people, live in rural America. Physicians and other health care professionals face unique and particular problems in providing health care to this growing population. Yet until now, there has been no comprehensive source of information on rural health care. The Textbook of Rural Medicine fills this gap. Written by educators and practitioners with long experience in rural health care, this book provides:

  • Practical guidelines and insights on all major facets and issues of rural practice;
  • An in-depth preview of rural practice for students in the field;
  • Help with rural clinical problems such as emergencies, prenatal care, mental health and dental care;
  • Valuable approaches to rural health care organization and management;
  • Communications-era applications that improve delivery of rural health care;
  • Key lessons in rural medicine from abroad including, Canada, Australia, China, South Africa, and the UK;
  • Strategies, tips, and policies that can benefit current rural practitioners;
  • Experienced physicians’ and educators’ suggestions on educating and training rural physicians;

Examining rural practice from every angle, theTextbook of Rural Medicine brings home the first complete guide for practitioners, or explorers, of this important field of medical practice. For ordering information, see McGraw-Hill.

Rural Health TextbookThe North Carolina Rural Health Research Center has published Rural Health in the United States, an update of the 1990 Office of Technology Assessment book Health Care in Rural America. For the past decade, the original OTA report has served as the definitive resource on rural health for legislators and researchers throughout the US. This new edition serves as an update to the original, with a variety of charts, tables, graphs and maps displaying data in a user-friendly format. This book was jointly authored by researchers at WWAMI Rural Health Research Center, William Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis, North Carolina Rural Health Research Program, Maine Rural Health Research Center, Minnesota Rural Health Research Center, and the U.S. Office of Rural Health Policy.

It was edited by Tom Ricketts, PhD of the NC RHRC. Chapter topics include Demographics, State Programs, Federal Programs, Medicare, Health Professions, Access, Hospitals, Managed Care, Networks, Maternal, Perinatal and Child Health, Mental Health, Long Term Care and Telemedicine. For ordering information see: Oxford Univeristy Press.

Rural Health Textbook

Handbook of Rural Health


  1. Rural Health Policy: Past as a Prelude to the Future; K.J. Muller.
  2. Methodological Issues in Rural Health Research and Care; S. Loue, H. Morgenstern.
  3. Public Health Issues; J.B. Conway.
  4. Equity in Rural Health and Health Care; L.A. Aday, et al.
  5. Ethnic Issues; R.D. Baer, J. Nichols.
  6. The Health of Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers; B.W. Goldberg, M. Napolitano.
  7. American Indian and Alaska Native Health Services as a System of Rural Care; E.R. Rhoades.
  8. Rural Women’s Health; P. Winstead-Fry, E. Wheeler.
  9. Pediatric and Adolescent Health; N. Abbott, K. Olness.
  10. Infectious Diseases; K.B. Armitage, G.I. Sinclair.
  11. Chronic Disease in Rural Health; L.K. Dennis, S.L. Pallotta.
  12. Rural Occupational Health and Safety; L. Stallones.
  13. Oral Health; R. Isman.
  14. Mental Health Services; B.L. Levin, A. Hanson.
  15. Substance Use; L.A. Rebhun, H. Hansen.
  16. No Safe Place to Hide: Rural Family Violence; S. Murty.
  17. Theories, Models, and Methods of Health promotion in Rural Settings; J.P. Elder, et al.
  18. Health Education – Community Based Models; G.E. Soare.
  19. Recruiting, Training, and Retaining Rural Health Professionals; J. Robinson, III, J.J. Guidry.

For ordering information see: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers

Rural Health Textbook

Rural Behavioral Health Care: An Interdisciplinary Guide


  • The 21st Century
  • A Tough Row to Hoe
  • A Snapshot of Rural and Frontier America
  • Poverty and Rural Mental Health
  • Substance Abuse in the Rural Community
  • Needs Assessment, Identification, and Mobilization
  • Health Planning
  • A Public Health Approach to the Challenges of Rural Mental Health Service Integration
  • Rural Social Service Systems as Behavioral Health Delivery Systems
  • Non-Physician Prescribers in Rural Settings
  • Rural Dentistry
  • Bridging the Rural-Urban Divide With Telehealth and Telemedicine
  • Children and Adolescents
  • The New Psychology of Men
  • Rural Women Rural
  • Geriatrics and Gerontology
  • Individuals With Serious Mental Illnesses in Prison
  • Veterans Health Administration
  • Ethnicity and Rural Status in Behavioral Medicine

For ordering information see: APA Books.

Additional Texts

  • Quality through Collaboration: The Future of Rural Health. Institute of Medicine. The National Academies Press, 2005.
  • Critical Issues in Rural Health. Edited by: Nina Glasgow, Lois Wright Morton, and Nan E. Johnson. Blackwell, 2004.
  • Rural Behavioral Health Care: An Interdisciplinary Guide. Edited by: Hudnall Stamm. American Psychological Association, 2003.
  • Physicians Distribution and Health Care Challenges in Rural and Inner-City Areas. Council on Graduate Medical Education 10th Report. February, 1998.
  • Building Rural Hospital Networks. I. Moscovice, J. Christianson, J. Johnson, J. Kralewski, W. Manning. Health Administration Press. Ann Arbor, Michigan. 1995.
  • Caring for the Rural Community: An Interdisciplinary Guide. American Psychological Association, 1995.
  • Exploring Rural Medicine: Current Issues and Concepts. Edited by: Barbara Yawn, Angeline Bushy, Roy A. Yawn. Sage Publications, London. 1994.
  • Geographic Methods for Health Services Research, a focus on the Rural-Urban Continuum. Edited by: Thomas Ricketts, Lucy Savitz, Wilbert Gesler, and Diana Osborne. University Press of America, 1994.
  • Rural Health Care: Innovation in a Changing Environment. Edited by La Vonne A. Straub & Norman Walzer. Praeger Press. Westport, Connecticut. 1992.
  • The Strategies and Environments of America’s Small Rural Hospitals. Edited by John Seavey, David Berry, & Richard Bogue. The Hospital Research and Educational Trust of the Americal Hospital Association. Chicago, Illinois. 1992.
  • Health Care in Rural America. Congress of the United States Office of Technology Assessment. Septmeber 1990.
  • A Rural Health Services Research Agenda. Health Services Research Special issue.
    Vol. 23: Number 6. February 1989.
  • Rural Health Care. Roger Rosenblatt & Ira Moscovice. John Wiley & Sons. New York, NY. 1982.