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What are best practices for providing Buprenorphine Maintenance Treatment in rural primary care? Not all physicians with a Drug Enforcement Agency waiver to prescribe buprenorphine actually... In Progress
Do rural breast and colorectal cancer patients present at more advanced disease stages than their urban counterparts? This project will use the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results Program (SEER) data set to... In Progress
Who provides mental health services to rural Medicare beneficiaries? This study will describe the provider workforce that cares for rural elderly patients with... In Progress
Post-acute care trajectories for rural Medicare beneficiaries This study will examine post-acute care utilization for rural Medicare beneficiaries following... In Progress
Increasing the Supply of Providers with a Drug Enforcement Agency Waiver to Treat Opioid Addiction in Rural America – Possible Effects of Permitting Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners to Prescribe Buprenorphine This study will investigate the possible effects on rural access to treatment for opioid use... In Progress HRSA
Geographic Access to Health Care for Rural Medicare Beneficiaries: An Update and National Look Rural residents generally use fewer medical services, travel farther for care and often have more... In Progress HRSA
Assessing Potential Unmet Need for Home Health Care in Rural Areas This study will estimate potential unmet need for home health care in rural areas for... In Progress HRSA
Prehospital Emergency Medical Services Personnel: Comparing Rural and Urban Provider Experience and Provision of Evidence-based Care This study will describe the relationship between prehospital emergency medical services (EMS)... In Progress HRSA
Rural Physician Residencies under Unified Accreditation The impending unification of allopathic and osteopathic graduate medical education (GME) under a... In Progress
Rural Home Health Services for High Risk Patients This study will examine outcomes of care for rural Medicare patients who were discharged from... In Progress
Rural Behavioral Health Workforce Data from the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) file, linked to RUCA codes and... Complete
Programs Producing Rural PAs: Part 2 This study builds on a previous WWAMI RHRC study that identified the physician assistant (PA)... Complete
Post-acute vs. Community-entry Home Health in Rural Areas This study will examine the differences in home health care for post-acute versus community-entry... In Progress
Community Paramedicine Evidence Community paramedicine (CP) has been promoted as a strategy to help communities achieve the Triple... Complete
Availability of Buprenorphine Services in Rural Areas This study will investigate the extent to which physicians who practice in rural areas and have a... Complete
Rural Physician Assistants Background: In the 1970s, graduates of physician assistant (PA) programs practiced largely in... Complete
Unhealthy Lifestyles of Rural/Urban Minorities: Obesity Background: Obesity is on the rise in the United States and has been implicated in serious chronic... Complete
Unhealthy Lifestyles of Rural/Urban Minorities: Cigarettes Background: Cigarette smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States. Aim:... Complete
Unhealthy Lifestyles of Rural/Urban Minorities: Alcohol Use Aim: To estimate the prevalence of and recent trends in alcohol use among U.S. adults in rural... Complete
Trends in Rural Perinatal Care of American Indians While there have been dramatic improvements in AI/AN maternal and child health since these measures... Complete
Trends in Rural Perinatal Care Little is known about long-term national trends in birth outcomes and use of prenatal care in the... Complete
Trends in Rural Dentistry This study used secondary data sources such as the Area Resource File, American Dental Association... Complete
Tort Reform & Obstetrical Access As a consequence of the malpractice liability crisis, each of the four WAMI states at the time of... Complete
The WWAMI Rural Health Workforce This project compiles and presents state-level information about the rural health workforce in the... Complete
The Walkability Project This study is identifying built environmental correlates of walking in rural towns and evaluating... Complete
Surgical Procedures in Rural This report addresses rural/urban differences in surgical practices in commonly performed inpatient... Complete
Surgery in Rural/Urban Hospitals Washington State hospital abstracts for 1987 and 1988 with pseudo-personal identifiers added were... Complete
Supply and Retention of Rural Surgeons Background: General surgeons form a crucial component of the medical workforce in rural areas of... Complete
State Rural Health Workforce Monograph The uneven distribution of health care providers across rural and urban areas of the United States... Complete
Staffing of Rural Hospital ERs All 37 rural Washington State hospitals with less than 100 beds were surveyed to determine how... Complete
Specialty Care for Rural American Indians Background: The Indian Health Service (IHS) expenditure for American Indian and Alaska Native... Complete
Rural/Urban Obstetrical Care Quality Washington State vital statistics data from 1984 through 1988 were used to investigate differences... Complete
Rural/Urban Generalists This two-year project used Medicare data provided by HCFA to describe the content of practice of... Complete
Rural U.S. Perinatal Health This study examined perinatal outcomes in rural areas across the United States in 2005. Low birth... Complete
Rural RNs' Choice of Work Location While larger numbers of registered nurses (RNs) are living in rural areas, research from the WWAMI... Complete
Rural Physicians Waivered to Treat Opioid Addiction Unintentional drug overdose deaths associated with prescription opioids rose 395% between 1999 and... Complete
Rural Physician, NP, PA Impact This WWAMI RHRC study will explore how many nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs),... Complete
Rural Pediatric Inpatient Care This study described the distribution of rural practitioners in Washington State who provide... Complete
Rural Oral Health Challenges This review identifies the challenges to oral health in rural America and describes areas of... Complete
Rural Obstetrical Technology This study compared the approach to neonatal care in Wales and Washington State, studying the... Complete
Rural NSSNP Analysis This WWAMI RHRC study uses data from HRSA's first National Sample Survey of Nurse Practitioners... Complete
Rural Medicine Textbook This book explores what is known about the content, needs, and special problems of rural health... Complete
Rural Hospital Surgical Capacity This study examined the availability of several elective and urgent surgical procedures at rural... Complete
Rural Hospital Project The Rural Hospital Project (RHP) assisted six threatened rural hospitals in the WAMI region through... Complete
Rural Hospital Linkages Linkage refers to a rural hospital's formal and informal associations with outside entities (e.g.,... Complete
Rural Hospital Governing Boards Part C Background: Little research has been conducted to describe the factors and practices associated... Complete
Rural Hospital Governing Boards Part B Background: To provide competent membership, a board member needs knowledge of health care... Complete
Rural Hospital Governing Boards Part A Background: Literature about rural health providers has focused largely on physicians, mid-level... Complete
Rural Hospital CEO Turnover This study described the tenure, rate of and reasons for turnover of hospital administrators, and... Complete
Rural Hospital Care for Acute Myocardial Infarction: 2000-2001 This project examined whether overall improvements in the quality of care for acute myocardial... Complete
Rural Hospital Anesthesia Services Key to the ability of rural hospitals to maintain a surgery service is the availability of... Complete
Rural Home Health Care Access to home health care can be challenging for rural Medicare clients. Key informants for this... Complete
Rural HIT Workforce Needs The goal of this study is to improve understanding of health information technology (HIT) workforce... Complete
Rural Health Policy Briefs University of Washington WWAMI RHRC researchers prepared four policy briefs in late Spring 2009 to... Complete
Rural FLEX Program In 1997, the U.S. Congress created the Rural Hospital Flexibility Program (Flex Program) as part of... Complete
Rural Family Practice Residency Programs Chartbook This chartbook makes previously unreported information from our national survey of 453 FP residency... Complete
Rural Family Planning Services Considerable controversy exists about the types of family planning services that should be... Complete
Rural Family Medicine Residency Training Master File Little is known about how well various types of rural-focused family medicine residency training... Complete
Rural Family Medicine Residency Survey Follow-Up This two-year project updated an earlier WWAMI RHRC study of family medicine residency training in... Complete
Rural EMS Workforce Rural populations frequently reside great distances from hospital emergency departments or urgent... Complete
Rural Emergency Medical Services This study retrieved data on every vehicular injury accident occurring in Okanogan County,... Complete
Rural Definitions We published an article entitled "Rural Definitions for Health Policy and Research" in the American... Complete
Rural Definition Reclassification This project created a ZIP-code approximation of the census tract-based Rural-Urban Commuting Area... Complete
Rural Capacity for Family Physicians This paper addresses the ability of smaller and underserved rural communities to financially... Complete
Rural C- Sections This project provided information on how physician training, community specialty mix and other... Complete
RUCA Development & Description The Rural-Urban Commuting Areas (RUCAs) were developed at the WWAMI RHRC in collaboration with, and... Complete
RTT Technical Assistance Program This project is building a national partnership between professional groups, academic units,... In Progress
Family Physicians Choosing Rural Practice This project will survey physicians trained in rural-centric family medicine residencies to... Complete
Retention of NHSC Recipients This study examined the retention and distribution of the 6,300 NHSC allopathic physician... Complete
Recruitment of Rural Women Physicians This study examined differences in the factors female and male generalist physicians considered... Complete
Radiation Therapy in Rural U.S. This study used cancer registry data from 10 U.S. states to examine which rural cancer patients... Complete
Quality of Rural Perinatal Care The equitable provision of high-quality obstetric care is a major priority of our health care... Complete
Prostate Cancer Treatment in Rural This research will use cancer registry data from 10 states to examine the degree to which rural... Complete
Programs Producing Rural Physicians This national study used longitudinal data on medical school specialty and practice location choice... Complete
Programs Producing Rural PAs Physician assistants (PAs) are an important part of the rural health workforce, and their roles are... Complete
Problem Drinking Among Rural Veterans This study will use national data to measure recent trends in problem drinking among VA-eligible... Complete
Primary Care Trends This project critically reviewed the recent waning of primary care and its implications for rural... Complete
Practice Locations of Women Physicians While women are becoming an increasingly large percentage of the graduates of medical schools and... Complete
Policy Activities of AMCC The AMCC is an ad hoc group composed primarily of private obstetrical providers and representatives... Complete
Physician Residency Rural Training The supply of rural physicians is in part determined by the number of family physicians who receive... Complete
Physician Access for Rural Elderly Patients in rural areas may utilize less medical care than urban patients because of differences... Complete
Perinatal Technology in Rural Washington One of the major issues confronting rural health care providers is the problem of acquiring complex... Complete
Oral Health in Rural This study determined whether shortages of dentists in rural areas of the United States are... Complete
Obstetrical Access in Washington A survey of all potential providers of obstetrical care in Washington State was conducted in 1989,... Complete
NP Distribution using Available Data This study compared estimates of nurse practitioner (NP) supply in 12 states (statewide and rural... Complete
NHSC Evaluation A major impediment to access to care is the shortage of primary care physicians in rural locations... Complete
National PA Study, 1996 The WWAMI RHRC collaborated with the North Dakota Center for Rural Health Services on a national... Complete
Medicare Bonus Payments in HPSAs Medicare's Incentive Payment (MIP) program provides a 10% bonus payment to providers who treat... Complete
Medical Education and Rural Practice Review This literature review critically examined the research literature related to physician... Complete
MEDEX PA Study, 1994 This project, performed in partnership with MEDEX Northwest in the School of Public Health,... Complete
MD Views of Rural Hospital Closures This project surveyed the physicians of rural towns whose sole small general hospitals closed... Complete
Mayor Views of Rural Hospital Closures This project involved a survey of 130 mayors of rural towns whose sole small general hospitals... Complete
Low-Risk Obstetric Care This study, which was predominantly funded by AHCPR but was also supported through the HRSA's ORHP,... Complete
Location of PA Practices Despite the need for generalist care providers in rural areas experiencing shortages of generalist... Complete
International Medical Graduates: States' Use of Conrad 30 J-1 Visa Waivers States rely on international medical graduates (IMGs) to fill workforce gaps in rural and urban... Complete
International Medical Graduates' Contributions to Rural Health Care Delivery This study will identify trends and data needs regarding the contributions of international medical... In Progress
Impact of Malpractice We studied all family physicians (470) who purchased obstetrical malpractice insurance from the... Complete
IMG On-Line Atlas The on-line Atlas of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) displays trends in the geographic... Complete
HPSAs and Rural Health Care Access This study examined the degree to which persistence of primary care health professional services... Complete
Hospital Closures and MD Supply This study determined whether the supply of physicians decreased subsequent to a rural hospital... Complete
HIT Workforce Development in Rural Community Colleges Successful implementation of health information technology (HIT) in rural areas depends on the... Complete
Health Professions Education in Washington This study used the U.S. Department of Education's Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System... Complete
Health Center Expansion and Recruitment in WWAMI States Federally qualified health centers (HCs) face major barriers in recruiting and retaining health... Complete
Health Center Expansion and Recruitment Rural health centers (HCs) faced major barriers in recruiting and retaining health professionals,... Complete
Health Care Reform in Rural Since 2009, the WWAMI RHRC has carried out several rapid-turnaround analyses of rural issues... Complete
Health Care for the Rural Uninsured This study described the contributions of family and general practice physicians from Wyoming to... Complete
Future Supply of Family Medicine Physicians This study investigated the implications of declining medical school interest in primary care... Complete
Federal Funding and MD Production This study described the graduates of all American medical schools from 1976 to 1980 and from 1981... Complete
Family Medicine Residency Network Study This survey project contrasted the role, practice type, and characteristics of graduates from the... Complete
Family MD Views of Assisted Suicide With recent laws allowing physicians to assist in a terminally ill patient's suicide under certain... Complete
Family MD Practice Locations In this study, responses to a survey of graduates from the residency network associated with the... Complete
Emergency Care of Rural Elderly This study used Medicare data to compare emergency department (ED) use by rural and urban elderly... Complete
Educational Strategies to Encourage Rural NP Practice Persistent shortages of primary care physicians in rural areas have increased the need to educate... Complete
Economic Impact of HRSA Rural Network & Outreach Grants This study analyzed the economic impact created by HRSA Network Development and Outreach grantees.... Complete
Deregionalization of Rural Perinatal Care The regionalization of rural perinatal care during the 1980s significantly lowered neonatal... Complete
Contributions of Physicians, APNs, and PAs to Rural Primary Care This multi-state study examined the practices of rural physicians, advanced practice nurses (APNs),... Complete
Community Paramedicine Research Consensus Conference Background: Community paramedicine is a new model of providing access to basic health care... Complete
Chronic Illness among Rural Residents This study used data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) to examine... Complete
Characteristics of National Rural Nurse Workforce This national study characterized changes in the demographic, education, and practice... Complete
Changes in MD Supply National rural health policy development depends on an accurate and up-to-date assessment of... Complete
Care for Lung Disease among Rural/Urban Medicare Beneficiaries This retrospective cohort study examined access of a sample of Medicare beneficiaries among rural... Complete
Care for Acute Myocardial Infarction in Rural Hospitals: 1994-1995 Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) is an important condition cared for in rural hospitals. Most... Complete
Cancer Screening in Rural America This study examined Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) national survey data to... Complete
Cancer Care for Rural Colorectal Cancer Patients This study compiled a comprehensive database linking Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results... Complete
Birth Care for Rural/Urban American Indians While American Indians (AIs) constitute a substantial minority population in many rural areas,... Complete
BBA and Rural Residency Training This national survey examined the proportion of rural-based family medicine residencies across the... Complete
Barriers to Rural Residencies This project examined issues related to establishment and maintenance of residencies and residency... Complete
APRN Distribution in the U.S. This study analyzed 2010 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' National Provider Identifier... Complete
Ambulatory Care for Rural Elderly Diabetes is a common serious chronic disease where careful clinical monitoring can improve the... Complete
Allied Health Education in Community Colleges This study identified rural-serving community colleges across the United States and their five-year... Complete
Aging Rural Physician Workforce This study identifies rural locations with high proportions of generalist physicians nearing... Complete
Access to and Outcomes of Obstetric Care Previous work conducted by the WWAMI RHRC demonstrated a relationship between access to obstetrical... Complete
2004 Rural-Urban Commuting Areas (V2) This project described the new version of the Rural/Urban Commuting Areas (RUCAs) taxonomy that... Complete
WWAMI Physician Workforce Education Complete
The Future of Health Workforce Data and Methods AcademyHealth, with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, contracted with the University... Complete
PAs and NPs in Rural Washington Quantified estimates of the total contribution of nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician... Complete
Medicaid Primary Care Payment in Washington Enhanced payments for primary care services provided to Medicaid patients in 2013 and 2014,... Complete
IMG On-Line Atlas The on-line Atlas of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) displays trends in the geographic... Complete
HPSA Criteria Evaluation in Washington State One of the most pervasive aspects of the American health scene has been the maldistribution of... Complete
Dental Workforce in Montana This project, conducted collaboratively with the Montana Department of Health and the Montana... Complete
Dental Workforce and Unmet Needs in Washington This project used licensure data from Washington State to examine the supply of, and requirements... Complete
Demand for 5 Health Occupations in Washington With funding from the Washington State Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board, CHWS... Complete
Characteristics of RNs whose Washington Licenses have Expired This survey of RNs who did not renew Washington licenses in 2002-2003 examined why these RNs... Complete HRSA