Synaptic interactions between neurons


The synaptic interactions between neurons can be documented by spike-triggered averages (STA) of intracellular membrane potentials and by cross-correlation histograms (CCH) [1] (Fig. 1).  In primate motor cortex STAs of membrane potentials exhibit features representing post-spike unitary potentials as well as synchrony effects [2] (Fig. 2).  CCH's also documented the synaptic connections between motor cortex neurons whose activity was modulated during wrist movements [3].  The relationship between these two measures was documented directly by determining the effects that excitatory postsynaptic potentials had on the firing rate of spinal motoneurons, for both compound [4] and unitary EPSPs [5] (Fig. 3).


Motor cortex neurons can exhibit widespread oscillatory interactions.  These oscillatory episodes are evident in the local field potentials, to which many neurons are entrained [6].  The functional role of these oscillations remains a subject of debate, but a plausible hypothesis is that they represent a top-down attentional mechanism [7].




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Figure 1. Synaptic interactions measured with STA and CCHs [1]

Figure 2. Interactions between cortical neurons produce post-spike and synchrony potentials [2].

Figure 3. Relation between unitary EPSPs and resulting correlograms in motoneurons [4]