FCCS and Consume Command line Notes and Examples

FccsConsumeCommandLine.zip August 9, 2023 (130K)

zip file includes directions and sample input files

Latest FFT Versions

FFT Version 2.0.2033 October 18, 2023 (53MB)

Added Piles Calculator .jar that was not getting included in the installer.

FFT Version 2.0.2032 September 19, 2023 (53MB)

Pull in latest version of FCCS and Consume.
new Consume settings: duff_pct_available, sound_cwd_pct_available, rotten_cwd_pct_available
FCCS: consume_loadings.csv now includes shrubs_needledrape_loading
FFT: update UI for new Consume settings. Select Fuel Moisture to get recommended default values.
Reports: fix Pandas KeyError

FFT Version 2.0.2029 November 11, 2022 (53MB)

Pull in latest version of Consume.
"units" column in input csv is obsolete. Units are tons/acre (consumption columns) and lbs/acre (emissions columns). If --metric flag is used, units are tonnes/ha (consumption) and kg/ha (emissions).
Consume: update deprecated call to getchildren()
add fuelbed activity "20 (Piling)"

FFT Version 2.0.2028 February 8, 2022 (53MB)

fix validation error when setting ecoregion/season when using Consume within python.

FFT Version 2.0.2026 February 2, 2022 (52MB)

update Inferred Variables (missing treeBioEqID error when running FCCS against fuelbed 526)

FFT Version 2.0.2025 January 25, 2022 (52MB)

fix metric conversion for snag_class1_foliage_crown_load

FFT Version 2.0.2022 July 10, 2021 (49MB)

Additional fuelbeds in FCCS/fuelbeds_R6 and FCCS/fuelbeds_disturbance

FFT Version 2.0.2020 April 28, 2021 (47MB)

FEPS: write out feps_out_plume.csv when using command line.

FFT Version 2.0.2019 April 5, 2021 (47MB)

Fix runfeps.csv: smoldering/residual values were swapped

FFT Version 2.0.2018 February 4, 2021 (47MB)

Updated WinPython 3.7 to WinPython 3.8
Updated/revised python modules/packages
Included EFlookup in site_packages instead of as a folder in Consume
FCCS: updated inferred variables

FFT Version 2.0.2017 July 21, 2020 (49MB)

Add Landfire fuelbeds 467 - 542

FFT Version 2.0.2016 July 1, 2020 (49MB)

FCCS: updated inferred variables (species_ivDB.csv)

FFT Version 2.0.2015 June 26, 2020 (49MB)

Consume: use cover type specified in a fuelbed instead of deriving cover type from the fuelbed number. Fixes the case where a fuelbed is customized and the cover type may have been changed.

FFT Version 2.0.2014 June 17, 2020 (49MB)

Consume/EFlookup: added fuelbed to cover_type mappings for fuelbeds in ranges: 340-366, 1800-1895.

FFT Version 2.0.2013 June 15, 2020 (49MB)

Consume/EFlookup: added fuelbed to cover_type mappings for fuelbeds in ranges: 500-799 OW, 800-1099 CO, 1100-1199 LT, 1500-1800 SE.

FFT Version 2.0.2012 June 6, 2020 (49MB)

FCCS: added some error handling for generated fuelbeds.

FFT Version 2.0.2011 May 22, 2020 (49MB)

FCCS: set Java Locale to US

FFT Version 2.0.2010 April 16, 2020 (49MB)

fix residual emissions

FFT Version 2.0.2009 April 13, 2020 (49MB)

Consume: fix emissions lookup for custom fuelbeds
Potentials report: fix CFP rounding.
Fix timing between FCCS/Consume.

FFT Version 2.0.2008 March 23, 2020 (49MB)

Cosmetic change: added more detail to Fuel Moisture tooltips.

FFT Version 2.0.2007 March 11, 2020

Consume: fix Emissions factors. Emissions Module returns g/kg, Consume uses lbs/ton. Note: Emissions factors were half of what they should be. Problem existed since version 2000, December 17, 2019.

FFT Version 2.0.2006 Feb 24, 2020

Consume: fix post_process.py unit conversion.
FFT Reports: Fix all Consume Reports when "use metric" is selected.

FFT Version 2.0.2005 Feb 19, 2020

Reports: Consume->Unit->Emissions. fixed unit conversion problem when "use metric" is selected.

FFT Version 2.0.2004 Feb 19, 2020

Consume/FEPS: fixed FEPS input file generated by Consume. The emission rates were not scaled by the percentage of area. Problem appears when a burn unit contains multiple fuelbeds

FFT Version 2.0.2003 Feb 13, 2020 (49MB)

Reports: allow for reports with or without graphs
Consume: fix emissions lookup for custom fuelbeds
Potentials report: fix CFP rounding.
fix timing between FCCS/Consume