Friday Harbor Laboratories

Researcher Application Form

We ask that every person (from high school student to retired professor) planning to participate in research at FHL submit her/his own application, with ALL fields answered (entering a "no" or "n/a" where applicable).


In addition to submitting this form, please e-mail the following documents as attachments (pdf or doc) to the FHL Facilities Coordinator:

1. Your CV (with the file name "LastnameFirstnameCV" e.g. "DarwinCharlesCV.doc")

2. A list of publications & grants related to your work at FHL (with the file name "LastnameFirstnamePubs" e.g. "HaeckelErnstPubs.pdf"). This list may be a part of your CV, in which case you don't need to send a separate "Pubs" document. The list should include:

    a) published or in-press studies from your lab that are directly related to the research you have done or intend to pursue at FHL,

    indicating which of these were the product of earlier visits to FHL.

    b) any grants or other funding that have supported your recent research at FHL or will support your proposed research at FHL.

First Name
Last Name
Role at FHL
Academic title at home institution:
Highest degree earned:
Year degree awarded:
Degree earned at:

Institutional Mailing Address

Street & Number
Street Address 2
Office phone
Cell phone
E-mail address

Home Mailing Address

Street Address
Zip / Postal code
Home phone (optional)
Vehicle License Plate (if you will be parking a vehicle at FHL)


HOUSING AVAILABLE: For professionals - apartments, cottages, duplexes, and a mobile home. For graduate students - grad dorm rooms (all single occupancy), standard dorm rooms (double or single), and huts (double or single). For undergraduates - standard dorm rooms and huts. Note that residents of standard dorms and huts are required to subscribe to full meal plans in the Dining Hall. Also note that those who bring pets must live off campus or board their pets at a local kennel; let us know here if you plan to live off campus.
Requested housing space. ***If you plan to share housing with other RESEARCH APPLICANTS, please list all of their names in this space AFTER your housing request.
Arrival date - please enter a date in the format shown to the right even if it is only an estimate for now. (mm/dd/yyyy)
Departure date - please enter a date in the format shown to the right even if it is only an estimate for now. (mm/dd/yyyy)
Name of spouse/partner, if accompanying you at FHL and NOT a research applicant (your answer helps us sort mail).
Names and ages of accompanying children.
Please indicate the number of bed kits you and accompanying family members will need. In this count, do NOT include kits for other researchers you plan to share housing with, as they will request bed kits in their own applications.

Are you a Student or Research Assistant (RA), or will you be supporting Students or RAs?

SCIENTISTS: if you plan to bring students or research assistant(s), please list name(s) and have each of them submit this same application in full for her/himself. Please indicate here if you will pay for the their expenses for housing, lab space, meals, stockroom charges, or copies.
STUDENTS/RAs: Who is your major advisor or supervisor? This information is REQUIRED if you do not have a PhD; if not entered, application will not be considered.

Payment information

Your source of funding for research at FHL
Your payment method
UW Budget #, if any  

Research Requirements

Please indicate your research needs below, being as specific as possible.
Animal or plant specimens you plan to collect at FHL: provide species names and approximate numbers.
Do you plan to bring in any species which are not native to the San Juan Islands?
Non-native animal or plant specimens you plan to bring in: provide species names and approximate numbers. The WA Department of Fish & Wildlife requires permits for importation of marine organisms into Washington; advance notice of plans for imports is required.
What are your needs for laboratory space? Do you require indoor or outdoor aquaria? ***Also, please list here the names of all persons with whom you plan to share a lab space (each person must submit their own application).***
Is there any special equipment you'd like to request?
Unusual amounts and/or kinds of laboratory glassware or chemicals you'd like to request?
Do you plan to use scanning or transmission electron microscopes at FHL?
Do you plan to use radioisotopes at FHL?
Anyone intending to SCUBA dive at FHL must obtain permission from the Dive Safety Officer, Pema Kitaeff, at least 6 weeks prior to planned dives either to obtain permission via reciprocity or to begin the scientific certification process. All diving under UW auspices is conducted according to AAUS scientific diving standards (recreational diving is not allowed on the premises). Refer to Boating & Diving at FHL and the University of Washington Diving Safety Program for more information.
Do you plan to use SCUBA in connection with your proposed research at FHL?   
Do you plan to use FHL boats in connection with your proposed research at FHL?   
Researchers intending to work with fishes or other vertebrates are required to submit a project proposal to the Office of Animal Welfare of the University of Washington. Please submit your application to the UW ACC directly, with e-mail copy to Pema Kitaeff at the time of your application.
Do you plan to use vertebrates in connection with your proposed research at FHL?   

Research Description

Please describe (in fewer than 250 words) your research interests and outline your plans for work to be carried out at FHL. Include your short and long term objectives.
Please provide a very short description (fewer than 100 CHARACTERS, including spaces) of your research interests for publication on the FHL web site and FHL Bulletin. Example: "Investigations of nitric oxide signaling pathways in deuterostomes."
If you are applying to do research at FHL during the busy months of June and July, please answer the following questions (otherwise, simply write "n/a"). In recent years, we have received more applications then can be accomodated during these months. The answers to these questions (1,a,b,c) will assist us in prioritizing requests.
1. Is it possible for you to visit FHL some time other than the months of June and July (yes/no)? If no, please elaborate on the reasons below or add your own reason.
a. Due to the species involved, the research I would like to conduct can be done only at FHL and only in June/July, because...
b. Due to the species involved, the research I would like to conduct can be done only at FHL, and June/July is the only time I can be in Friday Harbor because...
c. I would like to conduct my research at FHL because... (fill in your reason below) and can only arrange my schedule for June/July because...
If you have a personal webpage, please indicate the URL:
By submitting this form, I certify that the above information is complete and accurate. I acknowledge that failure to disclose complete and accurate information may result in denial of admission or dismissal from the University. I acknowledge that physical injury and death are risks inherent in the use of these facilities, and assume all associated risks and I agree not to claim against the University for those risks. I agree to hold the University of Washington harmless from any and all injuries, damages and liabilities that may occur in the course of my visit, except for negligent acts or omissions of the University or its employees, students or agents acting in the scope of their duties.

By submitting this form, I agree to follow all Environmental Health and Safety rules at the University of Washington, explained in detail on the Laboratory Safety Checklist. These rules include regulations for Chemical Management, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). I verify that I will follow all regulations on the Laboratory Safety Checklist while at FHL.

The University of Washington reaffirms its policy of equal opportunity in education regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam era veteran in accordance with University policy and applicable federal and state statutes and regulations.