The Cell Analysis Facility

The Cell Analysis Facility is located in the Department of Immunology at the UW Medicine South Lake Union Campus Room E-386.

The facility provides a broad range of instrumentation and expertise for addressing experimental issues related to single cells. The Facility makes available state-of-the-art instrumentation and techniques while developing new ways of answering questions about the nature and function of cells. Not only is instrumentation available to the University community, but it is intended that the Facility contribute to all aspects of the research process. This includes consultation in experimental design, technical assistance in the operation of the instruments, distribution of raw data files, archival data storage, offline data analysis workstations, interpretation of results, and the provision of facilities for the preparation and production of presentation graphics.

The facility hosts a server that provides over 10TB of on-line access to link investigators and their laboratories to their collected data from anywhere. Workstations for data analysis are available in the computer lab free of charge.

For instruction, introduction to flow cytometry courses are offered periodically, and individual instruction can be provided as needed. Please call us at 543-7006 for details.

For details of availability, time, and charges, please see the section on Frequently Asked Questions

Remember to acknowledge the valuable services provided by the Cell Analysis Facility in your research papers and publications: "This research was supported by the Cell Analysis Facility Flow Cytometry and Imaging Core in the Department of Immunology at the University of Washington."

Important Announcements

Our Cytek Aurora upgrade is complete!

The Aurora now has a UV laser. The 5 laser system is capable of running panels >30 colors. Check out the full list of dyes compatible with the system on the Instrumentation page. As with any cytometer, careful panel design and propper controls are still needed. Please contact the Flowlab for more information and help designing panels for any of the cytometers available in the lab.

Please help us replace our aging LSRII with a Symphony A3!


We have applied to the UW Student Technology Fee (STF) for funding to purchase a new cytometer, but the proposal needs your endorsement. The more endorsements the better, so anyone is welcome and encouraged to submit, but the STF specifically seeks to support student research at UW. We need as many student endorsements as possible. If you are a UW graduate or undergraduate, you pay the technology fee every quarter and this is your chance to make that money work for you. 

If any of your research requires use of a flow cytometer, please take 5 minutes to submit an endorsement at the link below. In your endorsement, please highlight how the CAF supports your research and how you would benefit from the new cytometer. 

You can learn more and add your endorsement for our Symphony A3 Proposal , below are a few highlights to consider in your endorsment:

  • Our goal is to purchase a state-of-the-art BD Symphony A3 equipped with 5 lasers, 23 detectors and a high-throughput system (HTS)

  • The Symphony A3 will replace the 15 year-old LSR II. Service and parts will no longer be available for the LSR II starting in 2020, so if it is not replaced it will likely fail and be taken out of service.

  • In the last year, over 300 researchers from 105 labs and 31 departments have used the CAF. 34% of the users are graduate or undergraduate students who pay the student technology fee. 

  • The Symphony represents a new generation of cytometers. Even if you don't currently use the LSR II for high-parameter flow, the Symphony can still benefit you on your career path by providing an opportunity to become familiar with the next-generation instrumentation you are likely to encounter in a post-doc, industry lab, etc. 



Upcoming Seminar:

Jack Panopoulos Ph.D.

“FlowJo Basic and Advanced analysis in version 10.6"

Learn the basics or get updated on new features in version 10.6

When:September 18th, 2019 10:00am - 12:00pm Basics and 1:00pm - 3:00pm Advanced
Where: 850 Republican St. @ UW SLU –Brotman Auditorium
No registration required

For more information please see the flyer


New Rates effective February 01, 2019

Users can now Subscribe to facility Announcements: Using the new online calendar, users can now subscribe to general announcements or subscribe to specific instrument updates that will be sent via email. This will provide timely information and alerts. Users are free to sign up for one or all lists that are of an interest. Instructions on how to subscribe are here.

Scheduling Calendar: You will need to login with you UWNetID to schedule time. If you do not have a UWNetID or have not created an account with the facility, please see Michele Black to be added to the access list. See Scheduling for more detailed information.

Any material requiring BSL-2 containment or any viable cells that could be classified as BSL-2 (this is all human cell lines and primary human samples ) must be cleared through EH&S by submitting a Biological Use Authorization form (BUA) form prior to being sorted at the facility.

When signing up for a sort please indicates the cells origin and you must specify the Biosafety level of your material. If it falls under BSL-2 you may not sort unless your lab is approved.  

Approval will be given on a case by case basis through IBS commitee and EH&S depending on the risk assessment as it applies specifically to cell sorting in the Cell Analysis Facility. Contact to obtain the necessary forms and instructions to add the Cell Analysis Facility to your approved protocol.

Please refere to Sorting Requirements for additional information.


If you have any questions or any concerns please contact Michele Black at
or  685-3014.


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