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To schedule time on an instrument, use the on-line calendar. For consultation on experimental design or interpretation of results, or for training to use any of the instruments in the facility, please call (206)543-7006 or email

You can also contact the staff directly

Michele Black: (206) 685-3014

Kyle Herstad:

We are located at the UW Medicine South Lake Union Campus in the 750 Rebublican St (E-building) on the 3rd floor. Please refer to this map for details of how to get to the facility and note that you cannot transport samples through the west hallway (office area).  All samples must travel through the equipment corridor.

For all members of the SLU campus, your proxy key card will grant you access to the facility during normal business hours. All main campus users that use the facility on a regular basis can get a permanent card to the E building and to the flow facility. All after hours users will need to obtain afterhours access by contacting Michele Black with your SLU keycard number.  

Occasional users of the facility, both UW and external users will need to check in at the E building reception desk and obtain a temporary access card to be returned at the end of the day. These card only remain active until 5:30pm.


Regular Business Hours:

Monday - Fri day 9:00am - 5:00pm


The facility is intended to be self-supporting recharge center. The following rates are for internal UW accounts and external (non-UW affiliate) accounts. External accounts have an additional a 6.85% surcharge for UW overhead:

Time is billed to valid UW Budget numbers or PO for external users.

Internal Rate
External Rate
FACsAria Assisted Sorting:
FACsAria After Hours Sorting: 
FACSCanto 3 laser:
LSR II, Aurora & Symphony:
FlowJo site License: $283.00/year

Computer use: no charge

* Must be trained by staff prior to being granted after hours access

Charges for time are rounded up to the nearest quarter hour. Rates are effective 09-01-2020.

Sorting may be scheduled between 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (extended time available for trained after-hours users) Monday through Friday or by special arrangement with the operators. The facility also has multiple analyzers that can be used at any time. All users MUST be trained to operate these instruments and those who need to use the facility in off hours can be granted proxy card access. For information, please call the facility at 543-7006.


Account Setup

All new users need to complete the New User Training Form ** prior to gaining access to the facility and cytometers. The Staff will set up a new user account once the form is completed. The facility is accessible to all researchers at the University of Washington as well as users from other institutions. Please refer to the Hours and Rates for cost breakdown.

All users need to provide a current Budget # or PO# in order to set up an account. It is the users responsibility to enter that number in the Billing computer each time they use an instrument and to ensure that if the Budget # expires that they provide a replacement #.


Training on the cytometers is done by one on one instruction with the facility staff. It is most successful when the user has samples that they would like to analyze to customize the training to the individual. Users that are new to this facility but have previous cytometry experience still need to go through a brief orientation to become familiar with the Cell Analysis Facility operational practices. To set up training use the on-line calendar to book the instrument that you would like to use (see Scheduling for more information). If you are unsure of what instrument you need contact the facility or visit the Instrumentation page for information about each of the cytometers capabilities.

Training for sorting requires that you first have approval to sort. Please refer to Sorting Requirements prior to scheduling a sort.

We aim to train all user so that they are able to run the cytometer independently but are always available to help if needed.

After Hours Training

Users who wish to gain after hours access need to complete additional training. After hours access requires the user to have a SLU prox card. This is issued through the SLU building managment, the facility cannot grant access without this card. Please plan ahead! Obtaining access can take several days and occasionally the building management system does not get the card activated on the first try. To verify that a card is active for the facility the user must attempt to open the main facility door after 5:30PM or weekends.

Steps to getting after hours access:

1. Contact facility staff and schedule an after hours training session. You will need to book this time on the instrument calendar for the instrument you are planning to use.

2. Be sure to have a SLU access card! You can get a prox card by filling out the Access Request Form and bringing it to be signed by Michele Black.

3. After training, the form will be sign and submitted to building management cards are usually ready within a few days. If you need to use the faciltiy before recieving a card, arrive before 5:00pm to gain access to the facility. There will be no in - out ability without a card.

Gaining after hours sorting access requires demonstrating proficiency durring several sorts with staff supervision.


There are several ways to access your flow data.

The computer lab inside the facility has 6 iMAC's that are free to use to analyze data. Each workstation has the latest version of FlowJo. There is one PC in the lab with IDEAS imaging software, SpectroFlo for the Aurora and FlowJo.

To access data collected on any of the cytometers while in the computer room, there is a folder on the desktop called "LSRII, Canto, Aira Data" that contians contections to the cytometers if you double clikc a share drive will mount on teh desktop of the iMAC workstation and you can copy the data to the "temporary data storage" folder to analyze in the lab. These shared computers are for temporary storage of data while using FlowJo or other software. It is the responsibity of the user to backup any analzyed files, reports, PDF's etc. to their own storage device.

To access your current data (March 2020 on) from all instruments you can login to Google with your UW email address and connect via the UWNetID login page. Once loged in go to the Google Drive and click on "Shared with me" menu. You wiill have a folder here from Flowlab. You can download the data to your local computer to analyze from here.

Please contact the facility is you are having difficulties accesing your data.







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