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The facility has 3 FACS Aria cell sorter, each is housed in it's own room within a biosafety cabinet; 2 BSL1/2 approved units rm E386A & B, 1 BSL-2+ unit rm E377A.



$87/hour (after hours)

External User rates

$166/hour + 6.85% Institutional Overhead

The Aria II Cell sorter combines the sensitivity of a digital bench-top analyzer with the functionality of a high precision sorter. Improvements in fludics and optics have allowed for higher speed sorting (25,000 events/sec at 70psi using a 70um nozzle) with less stress on the sorted cells and enhanced overall sensitivity. Each Aria is configured slightly differently. Please refer to the optical configurations below for the specifics of each instrument.

Aria 1 and Aria 2 are 3 laser sorters that offer a 640nm 150mw for better sensitivity of red dyes they are configured very similarly but there are some minor differences that may require adjusting your settings in order for your samples to be properly compensated.  Aria 3 is a 4 laser instument with 488nm, 561nm, 635nm and 405nm lasers. Please with the staff if you are having issues or need assistance in setting up.

Refer to Aria Sample Prep for information on what controls are needed and a guide to optimize samples for sorting. All sorters reside withine comstom biosafety cabinets designed to decrease the risk of operating in a jet air sorter. Please review the Sorting Requirements prior to scheduling time on the sorters.

Default Optical Configurations:

Aria 1 Rm E377A

Aria 2 Rm E386B

Aria 3 Rm E386A


Spectral Analyzer


External User rates

$85/hour + 6.85% Institutional Overhead

The Cytek Aurora is equipped with five lasers, 355nm, 405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 638nm and is capable of up to 67 detection channles (64 fluorecent, FCS, blue and violet laser SSC). An optical design with high sensitivity Caorse Wavelength Division Mulitplexing 8-16 channel semiconductor detector array for each laser provides unprecedented flexibility, enabling the use of a wide array of new fluorochrome combinations with dyes emitting in the 365-830nm range without reconfiguring the system for each application. The optics and state-of-the-art low-noise electronics provide excellent sensitivity and resolution. Flat-Top beam profiles, combined with a uniquely designed fluidic system, translate to outstanding performance at high sample flow rates. The spectral unmixing results in the reduction cellular autoflourescents enabling more senstivie detection of dim signals.

The end result is a system that delivers high quality data where rare and dim populations are easily resolved, regardless of assay complexity.

Fluorochrome Selection Guidelines

Compatiable Fluorochrome List and Channel Array

Cytek Full Spectrum Viewer (works best with Google Chrome or Firefox)

The Full Spectrum Viewer can assit in panel design by showing what fluorochromes are identical and what ones have a unique signature.

Aurora Quick Reference Guide

Cleaning and Shutdown procedure

Aurora User Guide

Aurora Video Tutorials

18 Color Analyzer



External User rates

$85/hour + 6.85% Institutional Overhead

The LSR II is equipped with 5 lasers; 488nm blue laser, 561 nm yellow/green laser, 640nm red diode laser, 405nm violet laser, and 350nm UV laser. Capable of simultaneous detection of 18 fluorochromes and 20 parameter data acquisition. The HTS plate reader accommodates 96-well plates for more automated high speed acquisition of samples.

LSRII Optical Configuration



The faciltiy has 1 FACS CantoII.

Canto 2 3 Laser - 8 Color Analyzer with 488nm, 647nm and 405nm lasers


Canto 2 - 3 Laser instrument


External User rates

$84/hour + 6.85% Institutional Overhead

Canto 2 Optical Configuration


The Canto RUO is equiped with 4 lasers; 488nm, 561nm, 647nm, 405nm capable of 13 color detection.



External User rates

$85/hour + 6.85% Institutional Overhead

CantoRUO Configuration

Amnis Imagestream X Mark II is an imaging cytometer.



External User rates

$263/hour + 6.85% Institutional Overhead

Correlated image and flow cytometry data gives this instrument unique capabilities not available on other platforms.

Equipped with 488nm, 405nm and 647nm lasers, six high resolution channel, 20X 40X and 60X magnification

When planning an Imaging cytometry experiment this form will aid in communicating the exeperiment design so we are better able to assit in the aquisiton and analysis of the data. You can fill it out online and print it to bring with you.

The Data Acquisition Form can be filled out and saved with your experiment to aid in the anaylysis.

The ImagestreamX Sample Prep Guide is a good starting place for initial experiment design. Please note that our system has the 488nm, 405nm, 647nm and 785nm laser only.



If you encounter an issue with an instrument these forms can be used to alert the facility staff.

Aria 1

Aria 2

Aria 3



Canto 1










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