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Purdue Cytometry

Cell Image Library not directly related to flow cytometry but an interesting site



Intro to Flow Cytometry Excellent video explaining principles for Flow Cytometry

Invitrogen Tutorials Intro to Flow Cytometry and Fluorecences

BD Introduction to Flow Cytometry Web-Based Training Great modual based training with quizes and review

Instrument Standardization

Flow Cytometry - A Basic Introduction


The Cell Analysis Facility host the Seattle Advanced Cytometry Seminar Series aimed at providing talks that explores new and innovative ways of using the field of cytometry to increase awareness and knowledge in the life sciences.  It emphasizes unique applications and emerging technologies in flow cytometry and/or related subjects. The seminars are open to the Greater Seattle research community.

Seminars are adverstised through an email list you can click to subscribe and announcements are also made on the SLUSeminars List-serve.

Recorded Seminars

Florian Mair - Building Complex Panels presented 01/08/19 This seminar will cover basic and advanced concepts of panel design for fluorescent flow cytometry, both for conventional compensation-based as well as spectral cytometers. We will focus on a systematic workflow utilizing recent concepts such as the spillover spreading matrix (SSM) and discuss common caveats of complex 20+ parameter panels.

Maria Jaimes - Full Spectrum Cytometry presented 10/10/18 CyteksAurora is a novel flow cytometer that maximizes the benefits of spectral flow cytometry. Please join us for a seminar by Dr. Maria Jaimes, where the following topics will be discussed:
•What is full spectrum flow cytometry?
•Main differences between conventional flow cytometry and high resolution full spectrum flow cytometry
•Technologies enabling high resolution spectral flow cytometry
•Panel design considerations
•Autofluorescence: advantages of spectral cytometry
•Applications / Multicolor data examples

Slide Deck Presentations

Jack Panopoulos - Advanced FlowJo High Dimensionality tools presented 09/11/18



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