If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please contact
Michele Black (mblack2@uw.edu).

1. All sort samples that have been genetically modifed, contain recombinant DNA, have been infected or are from human or non-human primates must have EH&S approval and a Biological Usage Authorization on file with the faciltiy prior to sorting. See Sorting Requirements for more information

2. All time used needs to be booked through the on-line calendar. Please provide the requested information for each entry.

3. Time used and a valid budget # need to be entered into the CAF Billing computer by the user after each time an instrument is used.

4. The user is billed for the time that they book on the calendar or the actual time used if it is greater.

5. The next scheduled user can request that the current user log off the instrument if they are running into their time. If a user knows that they need more time, communicating this to the staff and the next scheduled users will help to accommodate everyone.

6. In the event that the user does not use all of their scheduled time, any subsequent user that uses the remaining time will be billed, not the person originally signed up. In other words, the facility will not double bill for time used on any given instrument.

7. Moving time scheduled on any instrument the same day to an open slot is permitted, please remove name from time originally booked so others can use it. This will also prevent charges for both time slots, failure to do this will result in charges for both slots. If you are within the no cancellation period contact staff to move your time.

8. Cancellations prior to the cut off(i.e. 24 hours from time scheduled) will not be billed.

9. Cancellations after the cut off due to unforeseen difficulties preventing the user from setting up their experiment will be charged for up to one hour. It is the users' responsibility to notify the facility if this occurs.

10. No shows will be charged for the FULL amount of time booked.

11. Sorter time is billed for the entire time booked which includes the time it takes to set up the sort. Specifying the flourochromes to be used, type of sorting required, (i.e. 96 well, sterile etc.) will make setup more efficient.

12. Users will not be charged for time to remedy a malfunction of the instrument. This does not include issues that result from intrinsic sample properties (sticky or clumpy cells) or time spent configuring the instrument for an experiment that was not communicated prior to the start of the sort.

13. Users should plan to remain with their sort. If they are unable to do so for some reason, this should be communicated when booking the sort through the on-line calendar so that the facility can determine if an operator will be available to monitor the sort. In the user's absence, please note that if operator is needed by others in the facility, the sort may be put on hold temporarily to preserve its integrity in their absence.

14. After hours sorting and analysis are permitted once the user has been trained and demonstrated they can perform the proper shutdown of the instruments by the CAF staff. Upon completion of after hours training, users will be given key card access to the facility for analysis. An after hours sorting is charged at a discounted rate. Users that schedule time during staffed hours but show up late will still be charged at the full rate for the amount of time that was originally scheduled during staffed hours and then the after hours rate will be applied.

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