Thursday, February 8 2018
New Cytometer ready for use!

The Cell Analysis facility is excited to announce the addition of a new flow cytometer the Cytek Aurora. This new analyzer collects and unmixes the entire spectral signal of each fluorochrome allowing the detection and separation of many more dyes than a conventional cytometer with the same laser configuration that uses traditional bandpass filters to target the peak fluorescence and then compensates for the spillover of the rest of the spectral emission into neighboring channels. The Aurora uses high sensitivity Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) 16-channel semiconductor detector array for each laser that have very low electronic noise allowing for excellent resolution of dim populations. The Aurora uses a vacuum fluidics system allowing for volumetric measurement aiding absolute cell counts. It also has very sensitive violet side scatter for small particle detection.

Any panel that is currently run on our other analyzers will work on the Aurora except those that use the UV laser (BUV dyes) or have fluorescent proteins like mCherry that excite with the 561nm laser. The instrument is currently configured with 3 laser; 405mn, 488nm and 640nm. Later this year we will be adding a 561nm and a UV laser allowing for any panel currently run to the oversubscribed LSRII to be run to the Aurora.

I would like to ask for samples from user after they have been collected on one of the other cytometers to start building more comprehensive comparison of the new system to our other instruments. These will be run by the facility staff at no charge to the user, the data will then be provided to the user if they would like. Users are welcome to run the samples with the staff as well. I will be training and helping with panel design for those that would like to begin using the new instrument the Aurora can be scheduled using the facility instrument calendar.

For more information on the new instrument please follow the link provided for the instrument brochure.

Here is a list of commonly used dyes for the Aurora:

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