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April/May 2019
We have applied to the UW Student Technology Fee (STF) for funding to purchase a new cytometer, but the proposal needs your endorsement. The more endorsements the better, so anyone is welcome and encouraged to submit, but the STF specifically seeks to support student research at UW. We need as many student endorsements as possible. If you are a UW graduate or undergraduate, you pay the technology fee every quarter and this is your chance to make that money work for you.

If any of your research requires use of a flow cytometer, please take 5 minutes to submit an endorsement at the link below. In your endorsement, please highlight how the CAF supports your research and how you would benefit from the new cytometer.

You can also find the complete proposal at the link above, but a few highlights and points to consider when you write your endorsement:

Our goal is to purchase a state-of-the-art BD Symphony A3 equipped with 5 lasers, 23 detectors and a high-throughput system (HTS)

The Symphony A3 will replace the 15 year-old LSR II. Service and parts will no longer be available for the LSR II starting in 2020, so if it is not replaced it will likely fail and be taken out of service.

In the last year, over 300 researchers from 105 labs and 31 departments have used the CAF. 34% of the users are graduate or undergraduate students who pay the student technology fee.

The Symphony represents a new generation of cytometers. Even if you don't currently use the LSR II for high-parameter flow, the Symphony can still benefit you on your career path by providing an opportunity to become familiar with the next-generation instrumentation you are likely to encounter in a post-doc, industry lab, etc.
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