Monday, October 21 2019
3:00pm - 4:30pm
Alessandro Bertero

I would like assistance to sort fixed nuclei extracted from BSL-1 cell lines (human HEK293T and mouse 3T3). Nuclei will be stained with DAPI to distinguish them from debris, and 25 single nuclei ought to be sorted into individual wells of 96-well plates. I wish to sort a total of three full 96-well plates, and I should have plenty of starting material to achieve this within less than an hour. I am requesting an hour and a half just to have some buffer as it is the first time I perform this procedure. The procedure is aimed at performing combinatorial indexing single cell RNA-seq, as has been done by Mary Regier from Kelly Stevens's lab many times using this instrument. Mary will be available to assist us in getting the sorting settings that she has successfully used in the past. My contact is:
Enter a valid Budget #615973
Enter Phone #2066167675
Sort Details70um nozzle, 96 well plate

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