C. Ronald Scott

C. Ronald Scott, MD

Professor, SOM: Pediatrics: Genetic Medicine: Genetic Medicine

Biochemical Genetics Clinic;
Director, Molecular Development;
Phenylketonuria and Biochemical Genetics Clinics

University of Washington
Box 356320
Seattle, WA 98195-6320
Phone: 206 543-3370
Email: crscott@uw.edu
Seattle Children's Profile

Research interests: Tandem mass spectrometry

Dr. Scott is Director of the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory at Seattle Children's as well as Director of the Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory. Both laboratories were founded by Dr. Scott. He heads one of the largest biochemical genetics programs in the United States, and serves as the metabolic disease consultant at Seattle Children's as well as the University of Washington Medical Center. He is also a frequent genetic disease consultant to the NICU at the University Hospital.

Dr. Scott is also Director of the Phenylketonuria Clinic at the University of Washington. He serves as a member of the DNA Advisory Committee for the state of Washington legislature and as an advisor to the Newborn Screening Program for the state of Washington Department of Health. He is a member of the Genetics Screening Committee for the Pacific Northwest Regional Genetics Group, and he also serves as an advisor to the Genetics Screening Program for the Alaska Department of Health. Currently, he is a consultant to the Mead Johnson Company for the development of special formulas for the management of inborn errors of metabolism. He is also a consultant to Genzyme Corporation for the diagnosis and management of lysomal storage diseases, with a focus on Gaucher and Fabry diseases.

His work with individuals in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Washington focuses on the application of tandem mass spectrometry in the diagnosis of biochemical disorders. This is widely recognized as a state-of-the-art undertaking and he receives many requests from around the country to make presentations.

Dr. Scott's current research continues to focus on the multiplex analysis of inborn errors using tandem mass spectrometry. He is also involved in research aimed to treat tyrosinemia type I with NTBC. He also has an open label study with Fabry's disease entailing the administration of recombinant alpha-galactosidase.

During the forthcoming year, Dr. Scott will continue to work the Washington state legislature and the Department of Health to expand newborn screening by the implementation of tandem mass spectroscopy. He also plans to work on developing privacy laws regarding the use of DNA for consideration by the Washington state legislature.

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