Mission, Facts & Stats

Our Mission

The GenOM Project at the University of Washington aims to reverse a trend of decreasing underrepresented minority enrollment in Ph.D graduate programs by recruiting minority students into genomics research careers. To achieve the goals of enhanced recruitment, retention and training, this comprehensive program has generated a suite of tools and research activities that range across grade levels and support services. Ambitious in nature and broad in scope, the GenOM programs target pre-college, and undergraduate students while offering educational tools, research opportunities and financial support. Tools that have already been generated include a genetics curriculum for grade school and middle school classrooms with teacher support services; pre-college and undergraduate research opportunities including summer internship program, financial support, and graduate school advising assistance.

Facts and Stats

  • Of the 77 students who have participated in ALVA since 2003, 71 have been retained in STEM fields, for a retention rate of 92% in science related fields.
  • Through the mentoring and experience that occurs with their research, the academic support, and the intensive advising they receive from GenOM staff, the undergraduate researchers in our program have an extremely high rentention rate of 98% in science related fields.

Our Organization

The GenOM Project provides educational and research opportunities for underrepresented minority students interested in genomics. These programs target pre-college and undergraduate students.

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