eScience High School ALVA

ALVA High School students will participate in daily math and Java programming courses which will extend the full length of the program. They will also participate in a seminar on research ethics. The purpose of these courses is to prepare students for careers in the growing field of Big Data and Data Science. Each student will be part of a project team consisting of a project lead, a data science mentor from the eScience Institute, a project stakeholder, and a team of four undergraduate students.  Each project will be broadly in the area of Urban Science and will involve analysis and visualization of data in topics such as public health, sustainable urban planning, environmental protection, disaster response, crime prevention, education, transportation, governance, commerce, and social justice.

Program Goals

When students conduct research, they gain a rare and insightful experience. This opportunity gives students a head start in the university research setting and helps them build relationships with a cohort of students who are also interested in pursuing higher education. Some of the benefits for participating in the summer program include:

  • Encourage students to pursue STEM careers
  • Gain first-hand, quality experiences in laboratories of established researchers
  • Improve student knowledge about the nature of research including ambiguity, evolving understanding, and the open nature of research
  • Develop inquiry skills including formulating research questions, experimental design, analysis, scientific communication, and envisioning future steps
  • Establish relationships with undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and advisers that will be beneficial for your upcoming college experience
  • Learn about the impact of this field on engineering and society
  • Receive academic training in math and computer science
  • Build presentation and scientific writing skills
  • Explore the rapidly expanding field of Big Data and Data Science

The eScience High School ALVA summer program is no longer avaiable.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Greg Diggs.

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