Doris Layman

University of Washington, Class of 2020
Intended major: Electrical Engineering

Doris Layman graduated from Southridge High School in Kennewick, WA in 2016. During high school she served as the Vice President of the Computer Science Club, was a member of Art club, was a Humane Society Volunteer, as well as a participant in the 2014 and 2015 “A Friendly Competition” engineering competition.


Education, Honors, and Awards

  • Clean Energy ALVA Intern, Summer 2016
  • Southridge High School Graduate, 2016
  • UW “eScience” ALVA participant, 2015
  • Cofounded Southridge High School Computer Science Club, 2015
  • Southridge High School Best Engineering Student, 2014

Research Interests

As a Clean Energy ALVA intern during the summer of 2016, Doris worked with Dr. Jim Pfaendter and the Pfaendtner Research Group. Doris worked with molecular simulation, focusing on determining why the enzyme 1ECE is denatured in experiments with a particular ionic liquid: [BMIM][CHL]. Her particular project was visualizing and analyzing simulation trajectories using Visual Molecular Dynamics. It was found that the reason for the strange behavior of this enzyme when placed into ionic liquid was due to ionic liquid residues entering the active site of 1ECE, interacting with its active site residues and causing denaturation of the enzyme.

Doris is planning on graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in electrical engineering, and anticipates conducting research in her later years in college after exploring different fields of research connected with Electrical Engineering.

Research Projects

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