Salina Nhi Thai

University of Washington, Class of 2020
Intended major: Neurobiology

Salina graduated from Foster High School in Tukwila, WA in 2016. During high school she actively served as the President of National Honor Society, Editor-in-Chief and Layout Editor of Foster's school newspaper, The Growler. She also was a Junior Health Scholar at Swedish Medical Center.

Education, Honors, and Awards

  • Foster High School Graduate, 2016
  • GenOM ALVA Intern, Summer 2016
  • AP Scholar Award, 2015
  • Ignite Mentor of the Month (for outstanding mentorship), January 2015
  • George W. Murrary Award, 2016
  • Southcenter Rotary Club, Student of the Month, January 2016
  • Top Ten for Class of 2016, (2012 - 2016)

Research Interests

As a GenOM ALVA intern during the summer of 2016, Salina had the honor of working in the Pun Lab. She was focused on identifying astrocyte-specific targeting ligands through peptide phage display.  By performing in vitro phage display with primary astrocytes as a target, the Pun Lab hopes to identify peptides that bind specifically to astrocytes isolated at distinct phases of brain development.  This is in the hopes that we will be able to eventually synthesize targeted imaging probes to visualize these population in vivo, allowing us to gain more knowledge on the development, location, and cell-to-cell interaction of astrocytes.

Salina is currently still working at the Pun Lab. After earning an undergraduate degree, Salina hopes to be admitted to a MSTP (Medical Scientist Training Program) and start working towards the career of a physician-scientist (M.D.-Ph.D.), where she can combine her love for both clinical medicine and biomedical research.

Research Projects

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