Undergraduate Research

The GenOM Project sponsors two undergraduate research programs; one during the academic year, and one during the summer (see below). The academic year undergraduate research program is a rare and wonderful opportunity for undergraduate students at the University of Washington. The program offers a first-hand, quality experience in the laboratory of an established researcher, providing opportunities to probe deeper into the cutting-edge science of genomics over an academic year. We seek talented students who demonstrate a strong drive and deep interest in this field. Through the program, students receive the following benefits:

  • A part-time paid position
  • A network of faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students
  • Preparation for graduate/professional-level programs of study

We are not currently accepting applications for the undergraduate research program that runs throughout the academic year.

Contact Our Organization

Lisa Peterson, Director
Gerberding G76
Phone: (206)685-2593

Latoya Surratt, ALVA Coordinator
Gerberding G76
Phone: (206) 543-3306

Maritza Zaldivar-Lima, ALVA Office Assistant
Gerberding G76
Phone: (360)508-3603

USPS mail:
Office of Research
Gerberding Hall G76
Box 351202
Seattle, WA 98195

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