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Faculty Guide to Grants & Contracts

Grants Submission Timeline

Grants Submission TimelineGrants Submission Timeline


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Any Principal Investigator (PI) whose home department is in the UW School of Medicine must hold one of the following academic titles:

Note: In the School of Medicine, professional staff may not serve as PIs on grants.

  • Professor
  • Research Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Research Associate Professor
  • Assistant Professor
  • Research Assistant Professor
  • Instructor
  • Lecturer

The following academic titles are eligible to submit a grant application by exception*:

  • Acting
  • Affiliate
  • Clinical
  • Emeritus
  • Senior Fellow - with pending faculty appointment

* For faculty in these ranks a letter from the Division Head must accompany the proposal when it goes the Department that would include information on space, etc. Please confer with the Division Administrator to obtain this letter.

First Time Investigators

If a faculty member in the Division of General Internal Medicine wishes to submit a grant proposal for the first time, they must meet certain eligibility requirements as described above. Even if eligibility requirements are met, there are internal steps that need to be taken to determine whether it is feasible for the faculty member to serve as the PI of a grant. Anyone who has an interest in submitting a grant proposal for the first time should contact the Division Administrator at 744-6987. If the Division concurs that we can move forward with a proposal, the Administrator will assign a staff person to assist the faculty member with the proposal.

A useful guide to writing grants can be found on the website of the Office of Sponsored Programs. If a faculty member is considering development of a grant proposal, they are encouraged to visit the OSP Proposal Writing Guide prior to meeting with the Division Administrator.

Internal Processes

Prior to any grant or contract proposal leaving the University of Washington, it first must go through an internal review process. The mechanism for this review process is called an eGC-1. When the first time investigator meets with the Division Administrator, the specifics of this process will be discussed. In general, approvals must be obtained from Division, Primary and Joint Department Chairs, and School of Medicine. Additionally, those entities must approve for all key personnel listed on the proposal. For example, if a co-investigator is in the Department of Epidemiology, approval must be obtained from chairperson of Epidemiology as well as the Dean of the School of Public Health & Community Medicine. Routing of the eGC-1 is done electronically and support will be provided by Division staff in the preparation of this form.

The eGC-1 is accessed through a system called SAGE (System to Administer Grants Electronically). In order to submit a proposal through SAGE, access must be given by the Division administrator. This would also be discussed at the time of the meeting with the Administrator.

Important note: New proposals must be submitted to the Division for review a minimum of 15 days prior to the agency's deadline to allow proper time for the entire review process. See the Submission Deadline Chart for details.

Post-Award Management for the PI

If a faculty member is successful in obtaining grant funding, it is critical that the rules and regulations of management of the grant are understood and followed. Each new PI must take a mandatory training course on grant management which is sponsored by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and coordinated through the office of Professional and Organizational Development (POD).

Even though Division staff will assist in the day-to-day management of the grant budget, the PI is ultimately responsible for all expenditures and transactions that are applied to the grant budget. It may be helpful for a new PI to review the post-award checklist.

Donated Time

Faculty members in the Division of General Internal Medicine are not allowed to donate their time to research projects without prior approval of the Division Head. All faculty effort requires a funding source and even though the activity may seem to fall under current funding, donated time represents Cost Sharing and must be accounted for.

There may be occasions when an exception to this policy is allowed, but there must be a discussion with the Division Head or Division Administrator for approval prior to any commitment.