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Staff Timesheets

Classified and Professional Staff

All timesheets for Classified and Professional staff over 50% FTE can be submitted online using the Leave and Time Reporting (LTR) application.

How to fill out and submit your timesheet

  1. Log in using your UWNetID at
  2. On ‘My Calendar’, click on the box for the date you are reporting time and leave.
  3. Report time worked and leave taken using the Event type drop-down menu:
    • Classified Staff: Type in the number of hours worked or leave taken and choose the proper event type from the drop down menu.
    • Professional Staff: Overtime exempt employees do not have to specify hours worked for each day unless the day is divided between leave time and time worked.
    • Time saving tip: Use the 'Set Up Default Work Schedule' link under the 'Settings' tab to enter your normal work schedule. This allows you to auto-fill values every pay period, and adjust only when there are exceptions.
  4. Select your supervisor from the drop down (or alternate if your supervisor is on extended leave)
  5. Click on 'Submit' and you are done! You can unsubmit to change a mistake or fix an oversight any time prior to your supervisor approving. Note: You cannot edit previously approved or future timesheets. You can only edit the current pay period timesheet, although you may view previous timesheets as a reference.

Additional help is available on the LTR Help page.

Hourly Staff

Hourly timesheets are completed online through Employee Self Service on the UW website. Login to ESS payroll at the end of each pay period to complete and submit your timesheet for approval. You may add notes to your timesheet using the online system. In the event your timesheet is not approved, you will need to correct it and resubmit.