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Catherine P. Kaminetzky, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine (DOM)
Acting Chief of Staff, VA Puget Sound Health Care System
Associate Chief of Staff - Education, VA Puget Sound Health Care System

Education & Training

MD, Duke University, School of Medicine, Durham, NC, 1998
Residency in Internal Medicine, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, 1998-2001
MPH, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, 1999

Professional Interests

Medical Education in Ambulatory Medicine

Selected Publications

Kashner TM, Byrne JM, Chang BK, Henley SS, Golden RM, Aron DC, Cannon GW, Gilman SC, Holland GJ, Kaminetzky CP, Keitz SA, Muchmore EA, Kashner TK, Wicker AB. Measuring progressive independence with the Resident Supervision Index: Empirical approach. Journal of Graduate Medical Education. 2010;2:17-30.
Byrne JM, Kashner TM, Gilman S, Aron DC, Cannon GW, Chang BK, Godleski L, Golden RM, Henley SS, Holland GJ, Kaminetzky CP, Keitz SA, Kirsh S, Muchmore EA, Wicker AB. Measuring the intensity of resident supervision in the Department of Veterans Affairs: The Resident Supervision Index. Academic Medicine. 2010;85:1171-1181.
Kaminetzky CP, Keitz SA, Kashner TM, Aron DC, Byrne JM, Chang BK, Clarke C, Gilman SC, Holland GJ, Wicker A, Cannon GW. Training satisfaction for subspecialty fellows in internal medicine: Findings from the Veterans Affairs (VA) Learners' Perceptions Survey. BMC Medical Education. 2011; 11:1.
Bowen JL, Hirsh D, Aagaard E, Kaminetzky CP, Smith M, Hardman J, Cheda SG. Advancing educational continuity in primary care residencies: An opportunity for patient-centered medical homes. Academic Medicine. 2015;90:597-593.
Kashner TM, Hettler DL, Zeiss RA, with Aron DC, Bernett DS, Brannen JL, Byrne JM, Cannon GW, Chang BK, Dougherty MB, Gilman SC, Holland GJ, Kaminetzky CP, Wicker AB, and Keitz SA. Has Interprofessional Education Changed Learning Preferences: A National Perspective. Health Services Research. In press.