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Interviewing & Hiring, VA HSR&D Fellowship


The interview process is individualized and often depends on the distance of the candidate to Seattle and the preferences of the Program Co-Directors. Select candidates are invited for interviews after all application materials have been received and reviewed. Interviews generally take place September through December. The Fellowship Coordinator works with the candidate and the selected interviewers to design an interview schedule. VA funding does not allow for the reimbursement of interview-related travel expenses. Program Co-Directors typically make admission decisions between December and January.


Once an offer is accepted and a target start date is negotiated, the Fellowship Coordinator will provide instructions on the hiring process and procedures. Note that in order to be allowed to hold clinic, candidates must first be credentialed and privileged by VA Puget Sound Health Care System.

After the VA Puget Sound Credentialing and Privileging Office (C&PO) approves the candidate, the fellowship appointment paperwork is submitted to OAA. OAA must approve and issue the fellowship appointment on the national level before the Human Resources (HR) office in Seattle at VA Puget Sound Health Care System can proceed to hire.

The VA Puget Sound HR office requires fellows to have a physical exam completed at the Seattle Division prior to hiring.  Upon successful completion of the physical, HR will generate a local offer letter and schedule orientation. All fellows must attend the 2-day New Employee Orientation hosted by HR. This orientation is designed to orient new employees with VA policies and procedures and to complete critical paperwork (health insurance, direct deposit, etc).