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Harborview Medical Center
Hospital Medicine Service

The Hospital Medicine Service (HMS) is a traditional hospital medicine service in which an attending physician provides all aspects of direct patient care.

There are currently three attendings on three HMS teams which are staffed seven days per week. We care for close to 50% of all medicine patients who are admitted to Harborview. We provide 24-hour attending level coverage for our patients through the assistance of our nocturnists.

The vast majority of our patients on HMS are socially underserviced. There are no medicine subspecialty primary services at Harborview. All acute care medicine patients are admitted to general ward services or the hospital medicine service. As a result, we take care of a wide range of medical issues; especially end-stage illness of common medical issues, HIV/AIDS related illness and medical issues related to our international populations. HMS is primarily a clinical service but there are frequently residents (internal medicine and family medicine) and medical students (Sub I’s) who rotate on this service providing opportunities for teaching. We have a dedicated social worker, discharge coordinator (continuity of care nurse or CCN) and pharmacist who assist the physicians with patient care.