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Research at UW Medical Center

Here we list some of the current projects being performed by faculty in the UWMC section of the Division of General Internal Medicine.

Dr. David Dale

See also: Regulation of Hematopoiesis, Neutrophil Physiology and Neutropenia

Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry
This grant funds the Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry as a research resource with clinical data to aid in basic and clinical research on severe neutropenia.

Molecular Mechanisms of Myelokathexis
This grant supports current research to define the cellular mechanisms for the myelokathexis or WHIM syndrome.

Dr. Thomas Gallagher

Communication to Prevent and Respond to Medical Injuries: WA State Collaborative
The major goal of this project is to launch a patient safety and medical liability reform demonstration project in the state of Washington that (1) creates a multi-stakeholder statewide collaborative to enhance communication to prevent and respond to medical injuries; (2) implements communication training to prevent and respond to medical injuries at 10 healthcare institutions; (3) develops a collaborative approach to adverse event analysis, disclosure, and compensation between 5 healthcare institutions and a physician liability insurance company; and (4) disseminates the communication training statewide via e-learning modules and assess its effect on patient safety and malpractice liability.

Training Doctors to Disclose Unanticipated Outcomes to Patients: Randomized Trial
This project will utilize a randomized control trial design to determine whether using simulation as communication training for physicians in disclosing unanticipated outcomes to patients affects patient satisfaction with disclosure and malpractice claims

The Texas Disclosure and Compensation Study: Best Practices for Improving Safety
The goal is to determine how to make disclosure and compensation a process that will not only serve the needs of individual patients, but take more advantage of the patient’s experience to help hospitals change their systems and improve safety for subsequent patients.

Effective Communication for Preventing and Responding to Oncology Adverse Events
The goal of this project is to improve patient-centered communication around adverse events and errors in cancer care in non-vulnerable patient populations.