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Research at GIM

Faculty in the Division of General Internal Medicine have achieved national prominence and made important research contributions to a wide variety of common and important clinical problems. Some topics addressed include:

  • Improving survival following sudden cardiac death
  • Enhancing quality of care for hospitalized patients;
  • Epidemiologic studies of the benefits and hazards of commonly prescribed medications
  • Diagnosis and management of dementia
  • Improving care for patients with ischemic heart disease
  • Improving the effectiveness of screening for breast and other cancers
  • Causes of obesity
  • Improving communication between physicians and patients about adverse events
  • Prevention and treatment of foot ulcerations in diabetic patients
  • Developing male contraceptives
  • Etiology and treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • Occupationally and environmentally related illnesses
  • Role of white blood cells in preventing infection

Overall, faculty in the Division of General Internal Medicine receive nearly $20 million annually in extramural research funding. Try searching for a topic below to find GIM faculty members working in that area.