Welcome to the Ginger Lab!

photo of organic photovoltaic ink solution
We study the physical chemistry of materials such as this conjugated polymer/fullerene blend, colloidal quantum dots which can be used to print solar cells like newspaper. Photo credit: Dr. Yeechi Chen

We investigate a wide range of interesting problems that broadly fall into physical chemistry, with particular emphasis new materials for solar energy, sensing, optoelectronics and photonics.


We have a large focus on energy applications such as photovoltaics (solar cells) using organic semiconductors, hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites, and colloidal quantum dots.


We actively develop new microscopy methods, particularly scanning probe microscopy techniques, to study the interplay between nanoscale behavior and device-level performance.


Beyond energy applications, we also are active in studying the plasmonic properties of various nanostructures, and we study the physics of how bioinspired sensing materials function at a molecular level.


Our research is largely broken down into four different topics:



Our lab currently occupies space in Bagley Hall, the Chemistry Building, and Molecular Engineering and Sciences, with offices throughout these buildings.


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