Featured speaker

Sarah Elwood

This year's featured speaker is Sarah Elwood from the Department of Geography at the University of Washington. Prof. Elwood will be presenting a talk on some of the issues for GIScience and society that are presented by the host of new spatial technologies that have gained popularity in the last few years.

GIScience, the Geoweb, and Society

Geography, GIScience, and society at large continue to grapple with the implications of newly emerging geospatial media – an ever-expanding range of interactive Internet and mobile technologies that enable collection, compilation, mapping, and dissemination of spatial data by vast numbers of people. The so-called ‘geoweb’ presents fundamental challenges for three or more decades of GIScience theory and practice developed in relation to conventional geographic information systems, and re-situates a number of the concerns of critical GIS scholars with regard to the societal significance of geospatial data and technologies.This talk will illustrate some of the arenas of societal transformation stemming from the geoweb, including global and local social relations around privacy and surveillance, and socio-technological practices of activism and civic engagement.



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