Lightning talks

The 2013 Lightning Talk speakers list is here!
A Lightning Talk is an informative, entertaining, and visually intense presentation that burns through the subject matter quickly (5 minutes max). The presentations will be lined up ahead of time on a single computer and the visual stream, as well as the speakers, keep coming non-stop as the audience takes in the information as quickly as possible. We cheer speakers for the least number of “word slides” and the most striking visuals. We applaud simple graphics and enjoy brevity. In short; “Lightning Talks” are fun!
Talks will be about: research, programs, interesting software, a course, datasets, things that worked or things that didn’t work; whatever is find interesting. Our goal is to have an hour’s worth of talks that cover the wide diversity in GIS and Remote Sensing on campus.
Thanks to everyone who signed up for a lightning talk! Registration is now closed. Keep that good idea on deck for 2014!
If you have questions about lightning talks, Allison Anderson of the UW Libraries may be able to help.

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