Design thinking is a generative and creative approach to innovation that places the human experience at the heart of its process. It is widely used across the world in industries, non-profits, government, and academic institutions. Design thinking inspires us to ask better questions, redefine problems, increase agility in finding solutions, deepen collaboration and expand opportunities. Learning from failure, embracing ambiguity, and acting collaboratively are germane to the process.

Design Thinking In Action

Design thinking around the world is inspiring and transforming the way we approach problem-solving! Learn more about how empathy for the human experience can transform the way we live. Our global case studies show the importance of a space like the GID Lab where the generative and creative approach to problem-solving can and will change the way we think about and act in the world.

Case Studies

Resources & Collaborations

The GID Lab provides the space and the materials necessary for need finding, iterative ideation, prototyping, and testing.