Clean Team: In-Home Toilets for Ghana’s Urban Poor



To solve the water sanitation problem in Ghana, Unilever, Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP), and, developed Clean Team, a comprehensive sanitation system that delivers and maintains toilets in the homes of subscribers. Clean Team now serves 5,000 people in Kumasi, Ghana, making lives cleaner, healthier, and more dignified.



  • In order to understand the scope of the project, the team conducted in-depth interviews with both the end-user as well as the sanitation experts.
  • After brainstorming with its partners and everyday Ghanaians, who are the projected users, the team began ideating solutions.
  • By building a handful of prototypes, modifying existing portable toilets and iterating various solutions, a final tangible service was launched.



The Clean Team service is a custom-designed rental toilet and a waste-removal system. The design work extended to the entire service ecosystem including branding, uniforms, a payment model, a business plan, and key messaging. Unilever and WSUP piloted the project with about 100 families in the city of Kumasi, Ghana, before launching in 2012.