Divine Divas: Teen Centered Contraception

Source: IDEO.org


The Diva Centres in Zambia are vibrant spaces just for girls designed by IDEO​.org in conjunction with Marie Stopes International in Zambia (MSZ) and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The spaces provide contraception information and services so girls can make informed decisions. 



  • To understand the problem, the team immersed themselves in the lives and aspirations of the teens in Zambia.
  • Using the insights collected, they designed a multipoint approach to getting girls the information and services that they require.
  • After launching the first nail salon centre, service engagement related to contraception went up, thus proving the hypothesis.



Following this initial success, MSZ plans to build a total of ten Diva Centres by 2017 and adapt the urban Diva Centre model to serve teens in more rural areas of the country.