Designing Kenya’s First Bike-Share Program

Source: OpenIDEO


In an effort to create more accessible and affordable public transit alternatives, Wekesa Zablon and his team from the OpenIDEO Nairobi Chapter launched the country’s first bike-share program by leveraging the power of design thinking.



  • The idea came from the founder’s own experience with the lack of bicycles during his time in college.
  • The first prototype had few features due to a lack of funding. Despite the lack of features, it was very successful.
  • Utilizing a tight feedback loop to continuously iterate on their designs was immensely productive.



Going through the design thinking process with the OpenIDEO global community has built this bike-share program. The team sees the need to bring design thinking into their city, which is why they’re also going to start a design thinking school to inspire others in Nairobi to launch their own social impact projects as they did.