Savings For A New Generation: the “Instagram of Money”

Source: CauseLabs


In a changing economy, it’s more important than ever for young adults to start saving for the future. CauseLabs and co-created an app called Moneythink: an “Instagram for Savings” app. Combining the importance of money management with a platform that young people are both familiar and  experienced with, this app brings together design to implement a useful tool.



  • Partnered with young people in Chicago via pilots in eight public schools
  • Worked with the users to develop a platform that is accessible and engaging
  • Based on user testing, expected students to respond well to the idea of weekly challenges where they could offer each other feedback.
  • Shifted focus to use only photo-based challenges, added liking, commenting and other social interactions.



This app grows teen’s financial capability via peer nudges and financial coaching, therefore creating a social media for finances. There has been a 99% retention rate of 1,080 students who joined the program. and has grown to over 10,000 students in three years. After this initial success, Moneythinkis prepared to launch strategic partnerships with high schools, universities, and youth employers to scale and reach 19 million youth by 2030.