If you are interested in applying to the GID Award, please fill out this Google Form.

The Institute for Innovation and Global Engagement (IIGE) promotes a globally engaged university through funded directed research and experiential learning opportunities. With its dynamic network of campus and community partners, the IIGE supports UW Tacoma’s Global Innovation and Design (GID) Lab, a foundational program that uses design thinking principles to develop innovative solutions to real-world challenges at local and global scales. Together, the IIGE and the GID Lab add momentum to UW Tacoma’s strategic goal of global learning and advance the University of Washington’s imperative to be boundless.

Associate Vice Chancellor Dr. Divya McMillin, Program Administrator Krissy Kimura, and 2019 Fall GID Awardees Lan Allison and Christopher Sim

The Global Innovation and Design Award is a $500 quarterly award for UW Tacoma juniors and seniors to support their participation in community design thinking projects undertaken by the GID Lab. Successful applicants will assist in 1-3 design thinking projects during the quarter for which they receive the Award, enroll in 2 credits of Independent Study/Directed Research to receive academic credit for their work, and will share their design thinking experience and the results of their project(s) at the annual Global Engagement Conference. The number of awards per quarter is contingent upon funding.

Deadline: Applications will be reviewed as soon as received and decisions made up to a week before the start of each quarter.

Part A. Purpose

To promote inclusive innovation

To enhance undergraduate research and design thinking skills

To produce human-centered solutions for local and global challenges

Part B. Eligibility

University of Washington Tacoma full-time undergraduate students who are of junior or senior standing. Familiarity with human-centered design/design thinking is useful, but not required (training sessions are available to awardees).

Winter 2020 Awardees Abdul Abubakar, Lan Allison, and Christopher Sim

Part C. Amount of the award: $500

Part D. Award Disbursement: Week 4 of the quarter for which the funds are awarded

Part E. Application

To apply for the Global Innovation and Design Award, please submit a resume and statement of interest that addresses the following questions:

  1. What is your experience with design thinking? If you have no direct experience with design thinking, what is your motivation in applying for the GID Award? (250 words max.)
  2. Why do you want to work on design thinking projects undertaken by the GID Lab? (250 words max.)
  3. Describe a difficult work situation (or school project) and how you overcame it. (250 words max.)
  4. Describe a time in which you had to adjust quickly to changes over which you had no control. What was the impact of the change on you? On your work or project? (250 words max.)


Part F. Award Conditions

During the quarter for which they receive the Global Innovation and Design Award, award recipients will:

  1. Participate in 1-3 design thinking projects undertaken by the GID Lab, assisting with all aspects of the project
  2. Enroll in 2 credits of TGH 495B OR 2 credits of Independent Study and/or Directed Research in the major, which will entail a total of 10-15 hours per week on the project
  3. Report to the GID Lab Program Administrator or GID Lab Administrative Specialist who will serve as site supervisor, and to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Global Engagement (or designee) who will serve as faculty adviser.
  4. Submit weekly logs as well as a final report and/or slide deck on the projects undertaken
  5. Present their design thinking experience and the results of their project(s) at the Annual Global Engagement Conference.

Questions? Contact Lan Allison, Global Innovation and Design Program Specialist, at