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Graduate Neuroscience Training Grant
Administered by the Department of Physiology and Biophysics
Contact: Tina Schulstad, 206-543-0954



This training grant provides support for pre-doctoral (Ph.D.) students in neurobiology at the University of Washington. Seventy-five faculty members from the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Neurobiology and Behavior serve as training grant faculty. All of these faculty members direct active, externally-funded research programs and are committed to training graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and visiting scientists. These mentors provide a breadth of neuroscience research areas extending from molecular biology to behavioral neurobiology. Further, this is a collaborative faculty. Their large number provides the opportunity for trainees to learn many different techniques and approaches to research through their lab rotations, journal clubs, seminar series and course work.



All UW students working on dissertation research in neurobiology are eligible for support on this training grant after completing one or more years of graduate study. Note: First-year students are only rarely awarded positions on this training grant. In those exceptional cases, the student has committed to pursuing dissertation research in the advisor's laboratory and preliminary results beyond those acquired in a typical lab rotation have been included in the application. Applications from underrepresented minority students will be given special consideration.



Trainees will be required to:

1) attend training sessions in the use of animals in research offered by the Department of Comparative Medicine;
2) attend the Biomedical Research Integrity lecture series sponsored by the Medical School
3) attend NEUBEH 510, Seminar in Neurobiology, each quarter and
4) attend the annual Neurobiology Training Grant retreat.



Click here for the application form to print. Please submit pdf files of the completed form and the four requested attachments on or before April 15, 2014 by email to:

Marc D. Binder, Ph.D., Director
Institutional Grant for Neurobiology
Department of Physiology & Biophysics

Applications are for positions which will start July 1, 2014.



Faculty Mentors:
Bajjalieh, Sandy Garden, Gwenn Poolos, Nick
Barria, Andres Gardner, Richard Raible, David
Baskin, Denis Gordon, Sharona Ransom, Bruce
Beavo, Joe Hevner, Robert Rao, Rajeesh
Bermingham-McDonogh Hille, Bertil Raskind, Wendy
Binder, Marc Horner, Philip Reh, Tom
Bothwell, Mark Horwitz, Greg Rieke, Fred
Boynton, Geoffrey Hurley, James Robinson, Farrell (Ric)
Brenowitz, Eliot McKnight, Stan Rubel, Ed
Buck, Linda Mizumori, Sheri Santana, Fernando
Carlson, Steve Montine, Thomas Scott, John
Catterall, Bill Moody, Bill Shea-Brown, Eric
Chavkin, Charles Moon, Randy Sisneros, Joseph
Chiu, Daniel Morrison, Richard Spain, Bill
Clark, John Nathanson, Neil Stella, Nephi
Covey, Ellen Neitz, Jay Stone, Jennifer
Dacey, Dennis Neumaier, John Storm, Dan
Daggett, Valerie Olson, James Sullivan, Jane
Daniel, Tom Pallanck, Leo Swalla, Billie J.
De la Iglesia, Horacio Palmiter, Richard Tapscott, Stephen
Detwiler, Peter Pasupathy, Anitha Tempel, Bruce
Fairhall, Adrienne Peichel, Catherine Van Gelder, Russell
Fetz, Eberhard Perkel, David Wong, Rachel
Fine, Ione Perlmutter, Steve Xia, Zhenqui
Froehner, Stan Phillips, Paul E.M. Zagotta, Bill


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by: Tina Schulstad