A.J.’s August Message

a sketch of a husky puppy climbing up a tree branch; the puppy is stressed
Hang in there, Husky!

Isn’t it too early to talk about the struggles? The 2022-2023 academic year hasn’t even started.

This message is a bit brief on the commentary, and I’m saving some content for the upcoming website update. However, I’d like to share that graduate and professional students chose to continue their higher education, and they are very resilient and resourceful humans. I have the great responsibility to represent them here at the University of Washington. There is a lot of work to do, and it is a kindness to myself to say “Hang in there.”

On Grad School, from Our Grad School

Our Graduate School Dean, Joy Williamson-Lott had also commented on “Why go to grad school?”

GPSS Advisor and Associate Dean, Bill Mahoney, wrote an opinion article about graduate students’ sense of belonging.

Distinguished Alumnae

In recent news, it seems that the UW Class of 1998 is represented by 2 distinguished alumnae:

My GPSS President predecessor, Tina Kotek, is now the Democratic candidate for governor of Oregon! Ada Limón was appointed the 24th U.S. Poet Laureate!

Their works have been incredibly inspiring and are great examples of how the UW and Husky Experience have long-term impact on society and culture.

Getting Connected

If you’re someone considering the UW for graduate or professional schools, there is so much we would like to share. Send us an email at gpss@uw.edu or directly to me at gpsspres@uw.edu.

A.J. Balatico (he/him)
GPSS President ’22-‘23
Learning Sciences and Human Development Ph.D. Candidate | College of Education