Graduate and Professional Student Senate

Liaison List

Following nomination by the President and approval by the Executive Committee, Liaisons are graduate and professional students who serve on decision-making University committees and entities that impact graduate and professional students. Please utilize Ctrl+F or Command+F to search for certain Senators or programs. To contact a Liaison, please reach out to or If you find outdated or inaccurate information, please contact or

Committee/Entity Liaison
2021 Marsha L. Landolt Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award – MS Siddharth Sheth
2021 Marsha L. Landolt Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award – PhD Maral Sahabjame
Advisory Committee on Student Conduct Jacob Lackner
Advisory Council on Trademarks and Licensing Sebastian Lopez Vergara
ASUW Board of Directors Logan C. Jarrell
ASUW Student Senate Antonio Manuel Gonzalez
Bias Incident Advisory Committee Aaron Yared
Board of Regents Aaron Yared
Campus Sustainability Fund Chin-Wei Chen
Diversity Council Logan C. Jarrell
Distinguished Teaching Awards Selection Committee Frances Chu
Faculty Council on Academic Standards Joe Wilson
Faculty Council on Faculty Affairs Frances Chu
Faculty Council on Multicultural Affairs Meshell Sturgis
Faculty Council on Research Ramsess Javier Quezada
Faculty Council on Student Affairs Christine Shoemaker
Faculty Council on Teaching and Learning Ashlee Abrantes
Faculty Council on Tri-Campus Policy Nataliya Muzyka
Faculty Council on University Facilities Nataliya Muzyka
Faculty Council on University Libraries Jacob Lackner
Faculty Council on Women In Academia Andrea Joseph
Faculty Senate Executive Committee Aaron Yared
GO-MAP Advisory Board Monea Kerr
Graduate School Core Programs Advisory Board – First Generation Brooke Wolfe
Graduate School Core Programs Advisory Board – International Sachin Nayak
Hall Health Advisory Committee Brit Baskin
International Student Advisory Committee Sujata Anil Rajkarne
Library Fines Appeals Committee Jacob Lackner
Provost Advisory Committee for Students Aaron Yared, Ashlee Abrantes
Services & Activities Fee Committee Julia Overfelt, Jeremy Moon, Ted Cohen, Danielle Brown
Student Regent Selection Committee Bridgett Chandler
Student Safety Advisory Board Genevieve Hulley
Student Technology Fee A.J. Balatico, Julia Overfelt, Shwetha Sanapoori, Nicholas Marangi
The HUB Board of Representatives Sujata Anil Rajkarne, Genevieve Hulley
Title IX Community Partner Group Hannah Sieben, Mahnur Khan
U-PASS Advisory Board Caroline Engle, Genevieve Hulley, Nicholas Marangi
University Bookstore Trustee Christina Marie Funaro-Pagani
Washington Student Association Board Hannah Sieben
Washington Student Association Board – UW Chapter Executive Board Hannah Sieben
List last updated 03/02/2021.