Global WACh Working Groups

Global WACh Working Groups provide a space to bring faculty, students, and professionals together to share ideas, projects, and build collaborations aimed at improving the global health of women, adolescents, and children.

Adolescent Health

Promotes cutting edge, collaborative research in adolescent health from global and local perspectives.

Established: 2016

– Brandon Guthrie, PhD, Assistant Professor, Global Health, Epidemiology
– Kate Wilson, PhD, Post Doctoral Fellow, Global Health, Epidemiology

Family Planning

Provides a forum for resources, collaboration, and and projects in the fields of domestic and international family planning research.

Established: 2012

– Renee Heffron, PhD, Acting Instructor, Global Health
– Alison Roxby, MD, MSc, Acting Instructor, Medicine

Global Brain Group

Serves infants, children, and adolescents in resource poor settings by conducting research around risk factors and mechanisms for neuroimpairment.

Established: 2015

– Sarah Benki-Nugent, PhD, Acting Assistant Professor, Global Health


Facilitates research by utilizing a model of vertical and horizontal mentorship, where members receive frequent feedback on their progress from investigators with a wide range of experience and expertise in woman, adolescent, and child health.

Established: 2008

– Jennifer Slyker, PhD, Assistant Professor, Global Health

mHealth Global

Establishes a space for UW faculty and select students to discuss works in progress related to mHealth in the global health sphere. The driving idea behind the group is to bring together the various groups on campus working on the development, measurement and scaling up of mHealth technologies in resource limited settings.

Established: 2017

– Jennifer Unger, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Departments of OBGYN & Global Health
– Sarah Gimbel, RN, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Child Nursing, Adjunct Faculty, Department of Global Health

Nutrition Think Tank

Builds a community of institutions and individuals working to improve the nutritional status of people around the world.

Established: 2014

– Carol Levin, PhD, MSc, Clinical Associate Professor, Global Health
– Suzinne Pak-Gorstein, MD, MPH, PhD, Associate Professor, Pediatrics
– Dorothy Mangale, CHAIN Research Coordinator

Pediatric Infectious Disease

Provides interdisciplinary mentorship and information sharing related to infectious diseases afflicting infants and children in low-resource settings.

Established: 2010

– Kirk Tickell, MBBS, Current Senior Fellow
– Patty Pavlinac, PhD, Assistant Professor, Global Health
– Judd Walson, PhD, Associate Professor, Global Health, Allergy and Infectious Disease, Pediatrics, Epidemiology

Working in Implementation Science (WISE)

Brings together with an interest in implementation science to discuss works in progress.

Established: 2014

– Pam Kohler, DNP, Assistant Professor, Global Health, Psychosocial and Community Health
– Scott McClelland, MD, MPH, Professor, Medicine, Epidemiology, Global Health