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Hebrew Alphabet Practice

  • Give the name of each letter
  • To check the spelling of the letter name, click on the letter
  • To hide the spelling of the letter name, double click on letter or name
  • To hear the sound of the letter, click on the speaker symbol
  • To reset, refresh the browser window (F5)
  Listen Alef
  Listen Bet
  Listen Gimel
  Listen Dalet
  Listen He
  Listen Waw
  Listen Zayin
  Listen Chet
  Listen Tet
  Listen Yod
  Listen Kaf
  Listen Lamed
  Listen Mem
  Listen Nun
  Listen Samech
  Listen Ayin
  Listen Pe
  Listen Tsade
  Listen Qof
  Listen Resh
  Listen Sin
  Listen Shin
  Listen Taw