Who are FCAP clients?

All referrals to the FCAP come from Division of Children, Youth, and Families Social Workers.

Referrals to FCAP may involve:

  • Children with an incomplete diagnostic picture for whom additional assessment could assist in the planning for treatment and permanency;

  • Children with physical, emotional or mental health needs that have created barriers to permanency planning; and/or

  • Children for whom permanency planning has been stalled because no permanent family resource could be identified or developed for the child.

  • Cases where the parent has completed their services but it does not appear that the completion has positively impacted their ability to parent, or where the progress is very late in the case.

  • Cases where there is professional disagreement (within or outside CA) as to whether reunification is an appropriate permanent plan.

  • Cases where the child has formed an attachment to the non-parental caregiver (i.e.: foster parent or relative), but the biological parents are slowly making progress on their service plan; and/or

  • Cases when parental deficiencies have been successfully addressed, but the child’s special needs have delayed reunification.