Department of Health Metrics Sciences

Nancy Fullman

Predoctoral Research Associate

Predoctoral Research Associate



Nancy Fullman, MPH joined the PhD program in Global Health Metrics and Implementation Science in September 2018 after working at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) in multiple roles. During her time at IHME, Nancy conducted research on tracking malaria intervention coverage and evaluating the impact of child health interventions in Zambia and Uganda; worked on the Access, Bottlenecks, Costs, and Equity study, multi-country research initiative analyzing drivers of health system performance; and supported various research areas in the Global Burden of Disease study, with a special focus on measuring the health-related Sustainable Development Goals, healthcare access and quality, and universal health coverage. She also received her MPH in Health Metrics and Evaluation from the University of Washington in 2011. Nancy’s research interests primarily involve impact evaluations and assessing components of health system performance, especially around health service delivery and intervention coverage.