To take advantage of our researcher funding programs listed below, applicants must be UW faculty in good standing who also hold Bloedel Affiliate status.  To apply for Affiliate status, or any of the programs outlined below, contact the Bloedel Center.

Our programs include:

Travellng Scientist - stipends to help cover travel and living expenses of Affiliates collaborating on-site at another institution, or to host visiting scientists working with Bloedel researchers here at the University of Washington.  Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

To receive an application, please email: parkiw@uw.edu

Mini-Grants - annually we award 3 grants within the Bloedel Affiliate community, with each project eligible to receive up to $5,000.  Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Our most recent list of 2018 recipients is highlighted on our front page here.

Bloedel Scholar - this is a three-year appointment that funds a portion of the awardee's salary to enable her/him to pursue research with lessened teaching and administrative duties. Congratulations to our 2016-2018 Bloedel Scholar, Dr. David Perkel. Applications for the 2019 Bloedel Scholar appointment will be announced in Winter of 2018.


University of Washington, Box 357923, CHDD Clinic Building, Room CD176; Seattle, WA 98195-7923. 206.685.2962, FAX 206.616.1828, bloedel@u.washington.edu