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Our research examines the cellular and molecular mechanisms guiding embryonic and post-embryonic production of sensory hair cells in birds.

The Stone laboratory seeks to identify strategies to promote the replacement of hair cells after injury in humans as a treatment for sensorineural hearing and balance disorders.  We are studying the factors that control hair cell regeneration in post-hatch chickens, which spontaneously form new hair cells after hair cell damage.  We are applying knowledge gained from these studies to explore ways to trigger hair cell replacement in adult mice, the experimental mammalian model that we use in our lab.  Most of our research is funded by the National Institutes of Health.  In addition, we work collaboratively with several other labs in the United States as part of a hearing research consortium funded by the Hearing Health Foundation.

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Dr. Jennifer Stone

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University of Washington, Box 357923, CHDD Clinic Building, Room CD176; Seattle, WA 98195-7923. 206.685.2962, FAX 206.616.1828,