HSV Resources

American Sexual Health Association (ASHA)

  • AHSA's website focusing on herpes
  • ASHA's Person2Person is a premium service through which you can schedule a time to speak with a Health Communication Specialist


  • A service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health
  • This is an online database of all clinical trials in the US and around the world

HSV Western Blot

  • This laboratory offers the FDA's gold standard test for confirmatory herpes testing
  • Call 1-800-713-5198 to order the test kit
  • View ordering instructions on the lab's website

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest

  • Healthcare providers here frequently diagnose and treat STIs
  • Fees are fixed
  • No health insurance needed


  • Online database of published research articles

STD Clinic/Public Health-Seattle & King County at Harborview

  • 206-744-3590
  • This is a walk-in clinic for STD testing and treatment
  • Fees are on a sliding scale
  • No health insurance needed

USA Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

  • Basic fact sheet about genital herpes from the CDC

Westover Heights Clinic

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Herpes Books