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Human Factors & Statistical Modeling Lab 2019

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Human Factors & Statistical Modeling Lab 2019

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Prof. Linda Boyle - Lab Director

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Huizhong Guo - PhD Student

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Steven Hwang - PhD Student

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Haena Kim - PhD Student

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Ning Li - PhD Student

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Jundi Liu - PhD Student

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Fiete Krutein - Master's Student

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Tianshu Feng - PhD Student

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The Human Factors and Statistical Modeling Lab

At the Human Factors and Statistical Modeling Lab, our research emphasis is on the examination of complex datasets to gain insights on human performance and behavior as they interact with systems. The goal of our research is to enhance operator safety and reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities. We use a wide range of analytical approaches to solve problems related to human factors and transportation systems.

Participant Wanted

Interested people are invited to participate in a driving simulator study.

Driving Simulator Study

The study aims to evaluate drivers' interactions with different Forward-Collision-Warning(FCW) system designs in varying situations. The study will take place at the University of Washington Seattle Campus, participants will receive a total of 55 dollars for completing the entire study.

If you are interested in participating or learning more about the study, please review the study webpage, You may also contact us at hfsm@uw.edu or 206-616-0277.

Pilot Study

Currently seeking people for an flight simulator study, which evaluates how the workload of the pilot is effected under different safety critical flight scenarios.

Participants needed

Currently seeking people for an flight simulator study. The objective of the current study is to assess the workload of part-25 pilots under different crew-configurations and scenarios with the goal of improving the human-machine interface. There are no direct benefits to participants in the study. However, we hope that information from this study will help us to evaluate the effects of workload and the presentation of the data in decision making to benefit future improvements in flight deck layouts. If interested fill out the recruitment form.

Current Research Project

Current research project the lab is working on.

Current Research Project

There are many different research projects ranging from health care to aviation that are currently being worked on. To get the full list and a description of the projects, head over to our research page.

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