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You are always welcome to reach out to us with any questions by emailing us at  See below for some common questions and answers.

Ready to apply?  Use the link below:

What will I be doing as a DAWGS Crew Volunteer?

DAWGS Crew volunteers will be assisting new residents and families/guests with moving in to our communities over four days (Tuesday, September 20 – Friday, September 23).  Volunteers will assist by greeting families, pushing carts, and supporting elevator operations.

Will I get to move in early?

Yes, all DAWGS Crew volunteers move in early (free of charge).  If you volunteer for DAWGS Crew, you will move in on Sunday, September 18.

Do package crew and EFS volunteers have the same early move-in date?

No, because package crew and EFS volunteers are working additional hours, early move-in date for those roles is on Saturday, September 17.

Are there any other incentives or benefits to DAWGS Crew?

Being a DAWGS Crew volunteer has a lot of great benefits, and some awesome perks!  As a volunteer:

  • You’ll get to meet a lot of new people and build community!
  • You can volunteer with your friends!
  • You have an opportunity to give back to the Husky Community by helping welcome new residents!
  • It’s a great way to take on a leadership role!
  • You have the opportunity to move in early FOR FREE!  It’s a great perk to be able to avoid traffic and long lines
  • All volunteers will receive a pre-loaded dining card with $30.00 as a thank you for their volunteering.

How will COVID-19 impact move-in and DAWGS Crew?

COVID-19 may impact residential move-in for the 2022-23 academic year. We will continue to evolve our move-in process to ensure that it meets all guidelines set forth by the University and Washington State public health agency guidelines.  As we have more information about University operations, we will adjust our processes accordingly, prioritizing the safety of volunteers, residents, and guests.  While we may not have all of the details or information we need quite yet, we do need to move forward with planning and will remain flexible.

What kinds of tasks will volunteers be assigned?

We anticipate volunteers may be asked to assist with: helping students and families load and unload belongings, push carts, retrieve carts from throughout communities, monitor elevator usage, and direct students and families.  In the DAWGS Crew application, we invite you to provide any personal information that may limit what role you are able to play.  We anticipate having lots of options for assistance!

I have a physical limitation and am not able to load and unload belongings or push carts.  Can I still volunteer?

YES!  We will have a variety of roles for our volunteers.  In the DAWGS Crew application, you are invited to share what types of tasks you may not be able to do, and we will ensure that we assign you a role that meets your needs.  In the event we assign you a role you are not able to complete, please let us know ASAP and we’ll gladly make adjustments!

How much time will I be asked to commit as a DAWGS Crew volunteer?

We ask that volunteers are able to commit at least 12 hours of volunteering over the course of the four day move-in period.  On the application, you will have an opportunity to share your availability for a variety of shifts over the four day period.  Volunteers are always welcome to volunteer for more hours if you’re interested, but we ask for 12 hours minimum.

I am not able to volunteer each day over the four days, but can still volunteer for 12 hours overall.  Is that ok?

Yes!  Just make sure the availability you share in the application reflects your scheduling needs.

When can I expect to receive communication about my shifts?

We anticipate being able to communicate shift information in mid-late August.  We do our best to schedule 500+ volunteers and we appreciate your patience and flexibility.  You must complete the online training in order to receive your shift information.

How do I change my shifts if I have a conflict?

If you are not able to work any of your assigned shifts, please send us an email ASAP to  In the email, please let us know which shift(s) are not able to work, and what other shifts you are able to work.  We do our best to accommodate shift change requests, and will do our best to work with you to meet your scheduling needs.

What community will I be assigned to volunteer with?

We hope to be able to assign you a community on the same side of campus you intend to live on for 2020-2021.  However, we cannot guarantee any particular community, as we have communities of varying sizes with varying needs during move in. You will receive training to become familiar with all of our communities and we are confident our volunteers will be prepared to volunteer anywhere.

What kind of training will I receive?

All volunteers receive online training to help them understand their role, customer service expectations, working with different staff during move-in, our different communities, and what they can expect during their DAWGS Crew experience.  Additionally for this year, we anticipate all volunteers will also be trained on various sanitation protocols as determined based on public health guidelines.  All volunteers must complete a brief quiz at the end of the online training to ensure they understand expectations of the role.

I do not live on campus — can I still volunteer?

Yes!  If you do not live on campus but are interested in volunteering, you will NOT receive housing compensation.  On your application, make sure to include in the notes that you will not be living on campus.  You may skip the question that asks where you will be living.

Can I volunteer if I live in a 12-month community?

Yes! However, note that you will move in on your scheduled 12 month move in date, which is before early arrival housing begins.  Because of this, you will not receive early arrival housing compensation.