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Hall Council

Hall Council is an opportunity to join a community of leaders and influence where you are living. Help to make the UW residential communities feel more like a home for approximately 8,500 residents. Apply now and make a difference this year!

There are many opportunities that are available to students who are interested in joining hall council. There are executive board positions, representative positions, and general council positions open for anyone interested in applying. Please see below for information on each type of position.

Executive Board Position

Students serving on the executive board can expect to attend weekly hall council and executive board meetings. Many executive board members will be overseeing the work of other students on their hall council or will be responsible for areas of community development within the group. Such areas may include programming, communications, recruitment & retention, and representation. Executive Board members can expect to spend approximately 4-6 hours per week on Hall Council.

Representative Position

Students serving in representative roles can expect to attend weekly hall council and one additional meeting per week. The additional meeting is with another student leadership or Housing & Food Services organization and the representative’s role is to synthesize information provided and report back to your Hall Council. Representative roles are available in the areas of sustainability, budget & financing, student conduct, student advocacy, and student government. Representatives can expect to spend approximately 3-4 hours per week on Hall Council.

Floor Representative/General Member

Students serving in a floor representative or general member role can expect to attend weekly hall council meetings. They also can expect to provide student input on various initiatives happening across Housing & Food Services. There are additional opportunities for general members to be involved in committees and program planning within the hall council as well. Floor representatives/general members can expect to spend approximately 1-2 hours per week on Hall Council.

You can indicate your interest in each type of position directly in the application. Apply today!