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(206) 685-1011

4060 E. Stevens Way NE Seattle, WA 98195

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Monday 8am-5pm Tuesday 9am-5pm Wednesday 8am-5pm Thursday 8am-5pm Friday 8am-5pm Closed Saturday, Sunday & Holidays

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Telephone and Fax Numbers


Phone number

Fax number

Patient Service Center (Appointments and registration) (206) 616-2495 (206) 221-0922
Administration (206) 685-1081 (206) 685-1853
Billing and Insurance (206) 616-1881 (206) 221-0922
Health Promotion (206) 616-8476 (206) 221-0922
Immunization Clinic (206) 685-1018 (206) 221-0922
Laboratory (206) 685-1017 (206) 221-0922
Medical Records (206) 744-9000 (206) 616-4683
Mental Health Clinic (206) 543-5030 (206) 543-4716
Pharmacy (206) 685-1021 (206) 685-9990
Physical Therapy (206) 685-1044 (206) 221-0922
Radiology (206) 685-1059 (206) 221-0922
Referral Coordinator (206) 616-7596 (206) 221-0922
Sports Medicine (206) 685-1044 (206) 616-6652
Tobacco Cessation (206) 685-7848 (206) 221-0922
Travel Clinic (206) 616-2495 (206) 221-5368


Urgent Need

Have an urgent medical need and not sure where to turn?

Read more about our urgent need services to find out the best option for your urgent or emergency needs, including after hours.

Urgent Need

General Contact Information and Feedback

General questions

Send an email message to This message will go to an administrative person at Hall Health Center, who does not have training to respond to specific health questions.


You can also fill out an anonymous (if you want it to be) and confidential survey about your appointment, or give us your feedback about the website. Appointment Feedback Website Feedback

Communicating with your Hall Health provider (for established patients)

You can email your provider through eCare.  You can use our staff directory to identify your provider, but you’ll need to contact clinic they’re affiliated with in order to reach them.

Hall Health Consulting Nurse Services

Consulting Nurse services are available only for UW students and established non-student Hall Health patients.

Read about the Consulting Nurse Services

Physical Address
Hall Health Center is located at 4060 E. Stevens Way NE, across the street from the HUB.
Mailing Address

Hall Health Center University of Washington Box 354410 Seattle, WA 98195-4410

Get directions & parking information for Hall Health

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