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Condom Club

Join the Condom Club!

Members enjoy an inexpensive way to purchase condoms. Members purchase a membership card for $10. The card is good for 55 male latex condoms. Each time the card is presented in the Wellness Resource Center, the member can obtain the number of condoms they want (in packs of five condoms).

Benefits of buying condoms at the Wellness Resource Center include:condom.jpg

  • Low cost
  • Many brands and varieties of condoms to sample
  • Reduce the risk of STDs, HIV, and pregnancy

Male condom prices

In addition to the Condom Club, you can purchase 5 male condoms for $1 (or 10 for $2, etc.).

We also sell non-latex condoms at $10 for 15 condoms, $3 for 4 condoms, or $0.75 cents each.  These are made of a more expensive synthetic rubber product.

dentaldam.pngDental dam prices

Protect yourself and your partner during oral sex with a dental dam.  Each 10" x 6" sheet comes in a variety of flavors, including vanilla, wildberry, cola, and strawberry. These are FDA approved, and sell for $1 each. Click here to learn how to use a dental dam.

Condom Club pricing






55 male latex condoms


15 non-latex condoms $10.00

5 male condom special


1 dental dam $1.00
6 dental dams $5.00








Have questions or want to come in to join the Condom Club? To set up a time to stop by, send a message to When you do come in, the location is in Wellness Resource Center, just to your right as you come in the main entrance of Hall Health Center.